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Salt yet again,,,

I hadn't planned on writing anything of any length concerning Epperly until her third book came out. Recent events have changed that. While I am not going to delve into that debacle, I am going return to the salt issue. The amount she recommends::
1tsp of salt = 2300mgs NaCl
1TBSP = 6900mgs NaCl
Jillian's recipe is 2c water + 2c cabbage (processed) + 1 TBSP Pink Himalayan Salt (PHS) which yields ~2 1/3c of finished product
Jillian recommends consuming 1 gallon of her alleged fermented drink/day
1 gallon = 16 c (6.86 recipes per gallon - IOWs 6.86 TBSP of PHS )
6.86 TBSP @ 6900mgs =
47,334mgs NaCl (Please note this is a lower number than the 55,200mgs I stated in earlier posts. I feel it is more accurate based on new information.)

So Jillian thinks that the salt issue is no big deal; counter to what the AMA, AHA, RDA, etc state. 

It's a matter of argumentation, 

a matter of opinion.

That's not how science works. At best you have self-reported “testimony” as to the (beneficial) effects JillyJuice (JJ). One lab test does not demonstrate the veracity of your statements.

It should also be noted that your lab test shows 13,000,000 CFUs.  The standard dosage of probiotic (of which there are over 500 strains) typically ranges between 1 billion and 10 billion CFUs daily for adults.

With no mention of the genus, species, and strain, "[y]ou can think of it like a first, middle, and last name. You need all three to get it right. This matters because when scientists research how well probiotics work for a health condition, they use very specific types."   There are over 180 strains of Lactobacillus.

While you state you have hypotheses, you have never tested such in a controlled environment. You talk of “playing with the big boys” but yet when it comes to your alleged science, you bitch and moan.  You disregard any science that counters your position. You then go so far to tell your minions to do the same.

As noted in a previous post, PHS has less NaCl than table salt. Table salt is 97%-99% pure NaCl. PHS is 85%-87%. Your rationale of PHS being the energizing force makes no sense. The numbers do not support your contention that PHS is the be-all-end-all.

For example, in a recent post you cite this article Why Everything We Know About Salt May Be Wrong, by Gina Kolata. Published in the NYT, May 8, 2017. 

In the article, Kolata speaks of two studies. Of interest to our discussion is the amount of salt ingested 12-grams (or 12,000 mgs) NOT the 47,334 mgs you suggest.

Four hours later you post,  

another article [published January 04, 2016] that does not support your 47,334 mgs of salt consumption.

A recent study (Journal of the American College of Cardiology: Heart Failure.  Vol. 4, No. 1, January, 2016) [] sought to evaluate the impact of sodium restriction on heart failure outcomes.  The authors enrolled 902 patients with heart failure and followed them for 36 months.  Based on the sodium intake, the subjects were classified into sodium restricted (<2,500 mg/d) and unrestricted (>2,500 mg/d) groups.  The primary outcome was death or hospitalization from heart failure.

So let's, for the sake of argument, agree that the amount of salt consumption is in dispute, as you allude. I doubt that Dr. Brownstein would recommend more than 3000-6000mgs of NaCl/day. James DiNicolantonio of The Salt Fix does not.

To quote a friend in the bio-medical field,

The guidelines recommend no more than 6g of total salt a day as an adult. However, people with CV or renal diseases have to have a reduced salt intake due to the fact it will kill them.

Taking in little to no salt also has its own risks with regards to function muscle activity and body water regulation.

In all fairness by eating a normal diet, it’s highly unlikely you would ever become salt deprived unless suffering from excessive sweating and dehydration.

Now this is where Jillian contradicts herself. Water and salt share a very special relationship, where salt goes, water follows. By taking in huge quantities of salt, your doing 2 very bad things:

1) you’re over working your renal system and slowly but certainly killing off your kidneys. While in the short term, you will not see any changes in values. It is important to note that you will only show signs of kidney failure once you are down to about 20% total function. That’s a loss of 180% Kidney function (remember we have 2 kidneys and only total of 20% function or below would show signs of failure).

2) you’re causing serious dehydration with regards to plasma levels, total water levels and in turn reducing the functions of your body’s metabolic activity. Most of our reactions that take place in the body will do so in the presents of water. Where water is lacking the body will take it from over sources including muscles (including the heart if required), your blood, bones (that should manifest at the start as a headache), your digestive system including faeces and the skin where is a certain amount of water stored.

So while she can post all these “articles” and claim she knows all there is to know about disease and good health, The peer reviewed and uncountable amount evidence proves otherwise.

So, while I was going to add more, I think MA above sums it up quite well. Science is not on your side Jillian. This has been pointed out to you on numerous occasions but as you state, you don't care.

It doesnt matter if one understands fermenting, or lactobaccilus or whatever non-sense you spew - water is the balancing force.  The amount of salt you advocate for is extremely dangerous.  Fermenting or the presesnce of lactobacillus does not change the presence of 47,334mgs salt in your brew.  Nothing is going to change that fact.

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