Friday, October 31, 2014

ADDENDUM::Vatican exorcist blames Halloween for increased possessions, calls for 'Holyween' |

The Daily Mail reports the International Association of Exorcists (also known as the AIE) held its first official conference over the weekend in Rome. More than 300 exorcists attended after being officially recognized by the Vatican this summer.

Father Aldo Buonaiuto told the British publication that his organization's emergency number receives hundreds of calls on Oct. 31, up from an average of 40 per day, due to concerns about increased occult activity.

"Many say Halloween is a simple carnival, but in fact there is nothing innocent or fun about it," he said. "There are always more evil rituals, animal sacrifices, desecrations of cemeteries and thefts of sacred bones... From here the door to the devil can be opened."
"The battle against evil is becoming more of an emergency. We are calling for major vigilance," Cascioli added.

As a result, the Catholic Church in Italy wants to replace the night of costumes and trick-or-treating with a positive event called "Holyween."

"While most people are steeped in zombies and horror we put on our door or windows a light or an image evocative of the saints," Buonaiuto said in a statement. "And then there will be Masses, prayer vigils and worship to celebrate the saints and victory of good over evil."

Vatican exorcist blames Halloween for increased possessions, calls for 'Holyween' |

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