Saturday, November 1, 2014

UPDATED::Please Read and Share if you can::Fifteen-year-old Indiana girl vanishes; family seeks public’s help

Update 11/2/2014 @230PM:: Kiera has been found,,,

Hey y'all,,,if you are in Huntington,Indiana or surrounding areas please read the attached. This is a dear friend's cousin. The only details I know are what is stated. Please feel free to share if you so choose and thank you.
In a phone interview from her home in Indiana, Kiera’s mother, Tessa Claycomb, said she has reason to believe her daughter may be in serious danger.

Tessa Claycomb learned that, in the past week, her daughter had made plans to reportedly meet an “older” man who was recently released from prison. Kiera apparently indicated she may run away with this man.

Her social media accounts have been wiped clean, and all electronic devices have been reportedly left behind.The man’s identity at this time remains unknown to Kiera’s family and police.
 Kiera Noell Asher is fifteen years old with bright red dyed hair, and blue eyes. She is approximately 5’3″ tall, weighing 120 pounds. Kiera may be accompanied by an older man, whose description and identity are currently unknown. It is believed she could be in immediate danger. It is unknown how the two are travelling. 
Victims News Online | Fifteen-year-old Indiana girl vanishes; family seeks public’s help

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