Thursday, July 30, 2015

Miracle cures come and go, but quacks are forever

Let’s put aside exactly what GcMAF is (you can read about it here and here) and discuss the type of person who would promote one miracle cure and then suddenly jump to the next. According to Kerri, as recently as 3 months ago, parasites caused autism and shoving bleach into a child’s rectum repeatedly and often removed those parasites and reversed the symptoms. But today, she says autism has a completely different biological mechanism and a completely different cure that has nothing to do with the previous “miracle cure”.

Perhaps this should tell you something about what what “cure” means to a person like a Kerri. It seems “cure” means “anything I can convince vulnerable parents to give me money for”.  In other words, she takes advantage of a vulnerable population, convinces them of something that is not true and makes money off of her lies. I think there’s a term for that.

Miracle cures come and go, but quacks are forever

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