Wednesday, July 29, 2015

News: Why The Duggars Needed A Payment Processor

So the clown car, vagina family is still in the news:
So it turns out that not only do the Duggars have a new money making scheme since their show on TLC was cancelled but they also need someone to do the online payment processing of credit cards. Hence Duggar Processing LLC and Fivestone Group LLC. Turns out that the Duggars are starting to ask for money from anyone watching their videos on YouTube, at least all the Duggar Studios videos which seem to be an endless procession of kids going to the dentist Josiah Duggar stoned out of his gourd on pain meds while Jim Bob drives him home from having his wisdom teeth removed, lip synching to music or doing other every day things. They have also done a promotion of Bill Gothard’s Alert Academy. Josh and Anna Duggar have their own channel. At least Josh and Anna aren’t trying to shake anyone down for money, yet. But at the Duggar Studios page,,,

Here’s what I’m predicting based upon the news of the payment processor registrations by Jim Bob and Josh Duggar combined with the money request on their YouTube channel. Before too long there will be a paid access online portal, not necessarily YouTube, where you can see new videos on the Duggars on a weekly or daily basis. It’s a good way to keep the reality television dollars rolling in so that Jim Bob Duggar doesn’t have to abase himself like the rest of us and get a regular job. All this merely confirms my notion that Jim Bob Duggar in particular is mostly a grifter wrapped in Jesus-speak.
And to think, I used to think this family was quaint,,,sigh!!

News: Why The Duggars Needed A Payment Processor

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