Saturday, July 25, 2015

The radicalism of Rubio's foreign policy | MSNBC

Here is a man who is outright causing chaos on a global stage with his grand standing; he sees nothing wrong with it.  You sure you want this petulant child any where near the button?  
The surface-level issue is the concern that the GOP senator is using a serious foreign-policy debate for campaign grandstanding – Rubio wants far-right activists to see him, not his rivals, as the party’s fiercest critic of nuclear diplomacy. All of the top Republicans are talking about their plans to abandon the U.S. commitment in this area, and Rubio sees value in being a top member of the club.
But just below the surface, Rubio’s posturing even far more serious.
The GOP candidate is describing a foreign-policy dynamic in which every new American president, upon taking office, effectively tells the world, friend and foe alike, “Maybe I’ll honor  U.S. commitments, maybe not. I’ll let you know.”
American foreign policy has never worked this way, because it can’t. The United States is a global superpower – by most measures the global superpower – in part because the world values the consistency of our leadership. If we abandon agreements reached with our allies after every election, that consistency disappears.
The radicalism of Rubio's foreign policy | MSNBC

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