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Teen says Port St. Lucie couple sexually abused her for 5 years -

Sometimes I struggle with the stories I choose to highlight.  For example, my last post concerning Rashida Chowdhury, where motivation for the crime is not so readily apparent - media focus fell not on the plight of Bangladeshi immigrants and their struggle to adjust but her reasoning, "an evil spirit had taken over the boy."  I am guilty of it as well.  Although I try not to be sensationalize I do have an agenda in bringing to light the abuses within "the church" or with religious ideology.  

But, then we have "this" widely reported story, another example of the dangers of associated with the toxic combination of homeschooling and religious extremism.
She told investigators within the first week of living with the Johnson's that the husband and wife told her that to become part of the family she would have to have sex with them. She says she was forced to perform sexual acts on both.

"If she did not, the threat was that she would be turned over to state custody,” said Detective Herrington says.

Investigators say the couple, specifically the husband, used the Bible to justify the abuse. The alleged victim told police that Rob Johnson studied the Old Testament and even held Sunday school at the home for the entire family.

The victim also told investigators the sexual abuse occurred twice a week for more than five years.
True to their religious batshittery, Rob and Marie Johnson held Sunday school classes for their family at their home every week,,,sigh!

Depending on your particular POV, the Bible can be said to have many uses: a moral guide, a guide for inspiration and hope, for some a science book. (Just examples, and no, I don't agree with any of these.)  What it should not be, an excuse for unbalanced individuals.  Ya know, like,,, Josh Duggar who claims that gay people are pedophiles while molesting his own sisters and then claim forgivness because prayer somehow absolves him of all responsibility and wrongdoing.

All to often, the Bible and religion (primarily religions based in Judaeo-Christian dogma) are used to justify everything from out right child abuse (read Reynoso's conclusion), to raping a child multiple times, or worse yet killing; to traffic accidents, to denying civil rights.

Contrary to the claims of he/she/they, are not "my" kind of Christian, the Bible does appear to support the above claim of the Johnson's and many others.  BUT (and it is a huge one from a hermeneutical perspective), although the OT is replete with examples of polygamous relationships (Abraham, Jacob, David, and Solomon), it is a matter of interpretation as to whether God condones such.  For simplicity sake, let's just say every time a man took more than one wife there were problems.  (Keep in mind that this micro-synopsis, is not taking into consideration Paul's teachings in the NT.  Taken at face value, there appears to be a contradiction.)**  And therein lies the problem, it is a matter of interpretation:
Rob and Marie Johnson reportedly believe in Old Testament law regarding marriage, under which a man can have many wives who are ultimately his property. The girl was ordered to call Jeff “Master” and to submit to his and Marie’s sexual advances whenever they ordered her to.

The Johnsons reportedly preyed on the young girl’s fear of being abandoned by telling her that if she wanted to be part of their family, she had to have sex with them.
Taken a sickening step further, child rape (cf. Deuteronomy 20:10-14, Numbers 31:7-18, Judges 21:10-24) is not only condones child rape rape but demands it.  While many choose to ignore the OT, others like the Johnsons, take advantage of it to do evil in the world.

Teen says Port St. Lucie couple sexually abused her for 5 years -

 **If I have the mental energy, I may delve into what the Bible does say concerning polygomy.  Suffice it to say it is not a topic one can approach in a few short paragraphs.

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