Saturday, September 5, 2015

Derpity, derpity

Go ahead and gloat Todd,,,

Tennessee Pisses Off Right-Wingers By Recognizing… Divorce Equality? (VIDEO)
According to WBIR, everything about the change was fine until Memphis attorney Kendra Armstrong did an interview with Starnes on his Fox News radio show. Armstrong told Starnes,
Why are heterosexual parents having their rights violated? So now it’s improper and inappropriate in a court of law to refer to a parent as a mother and a father?
Only in the mind of someone like Armstrong does including same-sex couples in a document’s wording violate the rights of those in a male-female marriage. But wait, it gets better. She also told Starnes,
It’s absolutely ludicrous to make the term mother and father obsolete. Quite frankly, the terms ‘Parent 1′ and ‘Parent 2′ seem more offensive than mother and father. It’s implying that one parent is the first parent and the other parent is secondary.
First of all, changing the language of one court form is highly unlikely to make “mother and father” obsolete. Especially considering that mothers and fathers would never see the form unless they are getting a divorce. Then there’s the matter of one parent being “secondary.” No, it’s not subordinating one parent, it’s merely a way of identifying one parent from the other.
But thanks to Starnes, and Armstrong, Tennessee has reversed the change, and has gone back to the old forms. Starnes suggests that the credit is all his. “A few hours after my column was published the Tennessee Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) announced they were reversing the policy,” he wrote on the Fox News website.
Fischer: Natural Disasters, Military Defeats And Economic Catastrophes Are Always Warnings From God
"God uses military defeats, natural disasters, economic catastrophes," he said, "they are God's way of rousing a deaf nation. These things are megaphones that God uses to call a wandering and wicked nation back to himself in repentance and prayer."

"So the bottom line with these catastrophes," Fischer concluded, "whether they're military, whether they're natural, whether they're economic, this is God's way of calling a nation back to repentance. The only question is will we listen."
Far-Right Pastor: US Turning Into Gay Dystopia, Unlike Putin's Christian Russia
End Times preacher Carl Gallups spoke to WorldNetDaily yesterday about the Shemittah prophecy of something bad happening in September, citing an article from a Russian government-owned news agency, Sputnik, claiming that the U.S. is “gearing up for onrushing economic collapse.”

Despite the fact that the Russian media has been a mouthpiece for President Vladimir Putin’s government, which is attacking Protestants in Russia and occupied Ukraine, Gallups praised the “reliable” Russian media for covering the Shemittah prophecy (actually, the article doesn’t mention it at all) and the government’s “infusion of ‘Christian influence’ in Putin’s ‘new’ Russian culture.”
In a separate interview with the far-right outlet, the preacher attacked a public school in San Francisco for organizing a gay history class, claiming that the classes won’t tell students about “the history of the major civilizations that ultimately met their demise concurrent with the rise of rampant sexual promiscuity and deviancy within those cultures, especially embracing and accepting homosexuality.”

Describing homosexuality as “one of the most dangerous sexual lifestyles on the planet,” he lamented that “this is just the beginning of the social rot that is to come.”
Far-Right Activists: Gay People Will Lead To The Downfall Of The Military, Civilization
Gaffney asked Lyons about Pentagon’s plan to work toward allowing transgender people to serve openly in the armed forces, saying, “One of the things that I just can’t get my head around is what do you when you have to have — as apparently the administration is going to insist — transgender individuals as well as females on these vessels. How does that work, practically speaking?”

Lyons called the plan “pure nonsense” and cited Paul McHugh to claim that “transgender is not a civil rights issue, it is a mental disorder,” saying that all transgender people need is to be “treated” and “returned to a normal lifestyle.”

Lyons then paraphrased the late conservative writer Stan Evans,  saying that “the gay, lesbian, transgender lifestyle is nothing but a return to a pagan ethic…which has led to the downfall of previous civilizations.”
Noebel: Teaching Gay Tolerance In Schools Is 'Child Molestation'
Gay marriage, Noebel warned, is going to “affect everything,” pointing out that even before the Supreme Court ruled on marriage equality, children in public schools were learning about the existence of gay people, which he said amounts to “child molestation.”

“They were already down in kindergarten, first, second and third grades teaching the younger innocents,” he said, “And you talk about child molestation. This, to me, was child molestation. When you start teaching first-, second- and third-graders about the glories and wonders of the homosexual lifestyle, you know you’ve got a problem.”
“The game plan is to destroy Christianity,” he concluded, to Scott’s agreement. “That’s the game plan. Because they contend that Christianity has been very tough on the homosexuals for 2,000 years and now it’s time to get back at the whole thing and show them who’s really boss. So we’re in a very explosive cultural revolution.”
Klingenschmitt's Defense: Gays And Pedophiles Are Possessed By Different Demons
"There are clearly two different demons at play here," he said. "There is, of course, a demon of homosexuality in those who openly parade their sodomy in the streets. But then there's a different demon of child molesting that is inside some of these reported molesters ... I'm not saying that all of the homosexual are child molesters, I never claimed that. But I'll tell you in this case, all the child molesters in the Boy Scouts are homosexual. And how can I tell that? Very simple, it's logical, there were no girls in the tents. Those are men molesting boys and their attraction to other men, or even other boys, is a different demon and we're calling that out."
Former CIA Director Stops By Insane Conspiracy Theory End Times Show
While Wiles didn’t share with Woolsey his theories about demonic flies, the Illuminati’s role in the 9/11 attacks or how gay super-soldiers are taking over America, they did chat about nuclear threats, with the ex-CIA director saying that the U.S. shouldn’t even try negotiating with Iran because its regime can’t be trusted. He said any deal with Iran on its nuclear program would be “suicidal” and “sheer madness.”
 Nevada Rep. Michele Fiore Has Girl Parts On Her Nakedness Area, And So Should You!
“I was raised by my best friend in the whole wide world is my mom and she is a lesbian. But I will say with the bathroom issue is as a heterosexual female I want to be in the bathroom, I want to be in the shower with other girls and if you are transgender and you have a penis… I don’t feel like looking at your penis! Nor do I want you looking at my Va Jay Jay. So I don’t care if you want to have a Va Jay Jay, until you have a Va Jay Jay stay out of my nakedness area! That’s it.”

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