Monday, September 21, 2015

Evil at work - The Voice Newspaper

So I was drawn to this short article due to the mention of "evil spirit[s]".  Although I was disappointed that I could not find more information.  There is reference to the Eloyi Christian Church, in Wiki, that originated in Botswana in 1955.  Founded by Jakoba Keiphile in 1955, "[t]he church has attracted much attention for its dramatic séances and exorcisms of demons."

Being that the foundation of the church is in the revivalist movement of the late nineteenth century and has a flair for "dramatic" leads me to believe, they are the main purveyors of the superstitious mumbo -jumbo mentioned in the article.
Relating her family’s  ordeal, Dorcas Nyambe of Bokaa ward in Mahalapye, said when the fires started the family was away. “I received a call from a neighbour telling me they were trying to put out a fire through the window my brother had left open.

“I arrived to find the yard full of people, but they had managed to subdue it,” Nyambe said.

She further stated that since they started, the fires have been occurring at least every two days until Eloyi gave them ‘holy’ water to place in the middle of the yard.
Bitone further revealed that they had consulted traditional doctors who have told them a jealous neighbour had sent them the evil spirit. “When they see us passing with groceries, they burn inside. Eloyi have also prophesied the same thing.”

Bitone also appealed to any good Samaritan who can help  them rid of the fires which he says are called diphera.
Evil at work - The Voice Newspaper

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