Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Here's Why Blogger Raif Badawi Deserves the Nobel Peace Prize | Ali A. Rizvi

Ali asks a pertinent question surrounding Raif's plight and the non-action of many world powers including the UN, "Who will do it?" In some regards, it addresses a point Raif's wife, Ensaf, had to gracefully side-step in her VICE interview regarding Canada's trade relationship with Saudi, "Raif's cause has nothing to do with issues of political or economic exchanges between states, it is an exclusively humanitarian cause."

Ali gives an important answer as well,,,
That leaves the Nobel committee. At times, the Peace Prize has been given not just to recognize people's achievements, but also to pressure them to do better. Giving Raif the prize would do both. It would recognize the efforts of all those around the world who have been jailed or killed this year for intrepidly speaking out in places where it's needed the most. And it would also send a strong message to Saudi Arabia from the rest of the civilized world -- a message that neither the U.S., the U.N., or any other Western country has yet had the courage to properly convey. 

It really has been a notorious year for writers, cartoonists, bloggers, and journalists. They haven't just been censored, but imprisoned, publicly whipped, massacred in cold blood, and hacked to death with machetes. They need to know how much the rest of us value their contributions, sacrifices, and courage.

By going up against the Saudis' human rights abuses and free speech restrictions, Raif Badawi has done what even Barack Obama won't do. Yet, of the two, it is Obama who has a Nobel Peace Prize.
This year, the Nobel committee needs to change that.
Here's Why Blogger Raif Badawi Deserves the Nobel Peace Prize | Ali A. Rizvi

FYI::  I am "friends" with Ali on Facebook as well as having the opportunity to speak with he and his (now) wife Alishba on Atheists on Air Beyond the Trailer Park Ep 16 Ali Rizvi and,,,

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