Thursday, September 3, 2015

"Together We Can Achieve'."

As some of you may recall, I posted about the plight of Baguma Berges Ronnie and his fellow LGBTQ folk in Uganda.  Besides the insidious persecution by governmental elements (encouraged by cretins such as Scott Lively, Rick Warren, and the slags that run World Congress of Families), an issue that is prevalent among the LGBTQ community is homelessness. Over the course of the past two weeks I have been discussing said issue with Baguma and how he and GRAC would like to combat it.

First, GRAC is an underground resistance group committed to reversing the draconian laws put in place by Yoweri Museveni and gaining basic human rights for all Ugandans. It is a LGBTQ "group dedicated to fighting homophobia and transphobia; and bring[ing] together all LGBTQ people irrespective of color, race, creed, religion, political party, etc. We strive to promote the rights of the sex oriented persons in a homophobic environment"  GRAC's online presence began in late 2012 with the goal, "All LGBTQ people around the world unite to fight and defeat homophobia for good!"  What started as a 10 member group currently has over 500 members; locally we dont disclose their identities in the media for security reason.

As I noted in my initial post, "homelessness is a major problem affecting the LGBTQ community and here it's worse due to impoverished communities, high levels of unemployment, etc.."  I think what struck me in our conversations, was not only Baguna's dedication to this cause, but his willingness to put his neck on the line - literally.  I was hesitant in using Baguma's full name in my initial post even though the article associated had.  Our lines crossed but he posted this in response to my query, "Please go ahead and use my name as I am an activist who wants equality for LGBTQ persons and I don't mind [being] a martyr as long as the next generation gain their freedom!"

So with that in mind, Baguma filled me in on, let's call it phase one, what he and GRAC are trying to accomplish.
I do have a few questions, do you definitely have a building in mind touse for a shelter?  I know you mentioned one is available that is in your target purchase/rental,,,
We would like to rent a building in the city suburbs which can accommodate most of the members who are homeless. This idea was brought up today after meeting with the landlord and agreed on the rates per month; though this has to be done with the help of some generous donors out there.
You mention a cost of $350, is that per month and is that amount in US dollars?
That amount is for every 3 months and its in US dollars.
And this building will be used as a shelter like facility?  Are you going to be offering any other type of services - schooling, job training - or is your focus right now just on housing?  
We are going to use the building as a shelter facility. We have a vision of setting up projects like vocational training to equip people with skills for self sustainability, but that is long range.
So, what is being asked of us?  Help in securing the funds necessary and help in spreading GRAC's cause far and wide.
Donation being accepted via Paypal::Baguma Ronnie c/o.
Western Union and Money Gram are also options
One final question I had for Baguma:  Besides GRAC are there other organizations also working towards the same or similar goals?  And does GRAC have a working relationship with any of them?
Sure they are there and currently we are working with TASO for HIV/AIDS
The AIDS Support Organization (TASO) was founded in Uganda 1987 by people living with HIV and AIDS (PLWHA), based on common experiences faced when encountering HIV/AIDS at a time of high stigma, ignorance, and discrimination. TASO's activities include HIV/AIDS counselling, medical care, social support, training and capacity building, HIV/AIDS education and community mobilisation, and advocacy and networking.
and Youth on the Rock Foundation!
This is a mess "we" have helped create,
A bunch of conservative Christians from US are bemoaning cultural imperialism in Africa? There's a direct connection between US missionaries working within Uganda and the writing and passing of this draconian legislation. The laws that they support are artifacts of cultural imperialism.

Or do they imagine we've all forgotten that? Or do they believe Scott Lively's work time in Uganda doesn't qualify as imperialism? Out-fucking-rageous!!
It Is also a mess we can help fix!!

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