Monday, January 25, 2016

Oregon woman fights Idaho faith healing laws

About a year ago, I became acquainted with Linda Martin and her advocacy work; her push to fight Idaho's faith haling laws.  Due to my health I was never able to delve into her cause the way it should have been covered (hopefully soon to be rectified).  Currently she is in the midst of a whirlwind of activity, but alas I am again derelict.  
For years, KOIN 6 News has been following stories of children who died because they didn’t receive medical care. They all belong to an Oregon City church called Followers of Christ.

In Oregon, laws have been changed to protect the kids and four sets of parents have been charged. But faith healing is still allowed in Idaho by branches of the same church, and children are still dying.

A former church member, Linda Martin, is trying to convince lawmakers in Idaho to do what Oregon did.

“These are not things children die of in our time, this is what children died of back in the 1800s, not in the 2000s,” says Martin. Martin grew up in Idaho as a member of the Followers of Christ. Now, she lives in Oregon, but often travels to Boise to lobby lawmakers to remove faith healing protections that prevent parents from being prosecuted for the death of a child.

This is her third attempt to reach lawmakers like Lee Heider. The Republican is chair of the Idaho Senate Health and Welfare Committee.
Thankfully Breaking Their Will: Religious Child Abuse and Neglect have been following Linda's efforts on capitol hill in Idaho.

If you have an interest in combating this craziness called - murder your children and get a free pass because of religion - I recommend taking a look at what BTWRCA&N has gathered, as well as the efforts of Silent Cries The Faces Of Religious Abuse (of which Linda is the admin).  Both groups neatly fall under the umbrella of the recently concluded 5th Annual International Day of Protest Against Hereditary Religion organized by End Hereditary Religion.

This not "a crock of BS", this is a real issue with severe ramifications!!

 Oregon woman fights Idaho faith healing laws

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