Thursday, February 4, 2016

ADDENDUM::Did This Pastor Drive Her Flock to Beat Teen to Death? - The Daily Beast

Irwin goaded congregants—including the Leonards’ own parents—into beating the teens after hurling a string of accusations that also included watching pornography and sexually abusing children, court papers allege. (Police have said they found no evidence of sexual abuse or witchcraft.)

“Such allegations were brought by [Irwin] with the intent to enrage and infuriate” the teen’s parents, Bruce and Deborah Leonard, and Sarah Ferguson, their half-sister, the documents state, “or under circumstances that rendered such emotional responses a reasonable possibility.”
The court papers—reviewed by The Daily Beast—paint a horrific picture of how church members whipped, punched, and kicked the helpless brothers to the point of gruesome and lethal injury.

The district attorney alleges that “during the assault, Lucas Leonard's penis was lacerated. As a result of this injury ... he lost a significant about of blood that ultimately saturated the crotch area and left leg of the pants he was wearing.”

After the deranged worshippers beat Lucas within inches of his life, they left him to die, the court documents state.

“As a result of the totality of injuries inflicted upon Lucas Leonard ... and the failure of [Irwin] and co-defendants to provide and/or seek medical attention for Lucas Leonard, a vulnerable victim, such actions and inactions” caused his death, the document continues.

Christopher was also lashed with a power cord in the groin area. The DA charges that the church members “intentionally struck” him with “the intent to cause serious and protracted disfigurement ... or impairment of the function of any bodily organ.”

The documents, provided by the Oneida County district attorney’s office, indicate churchgoers believed Irwin was a prophet and had ultimate authority within the sect, which neighbors have long considered a cult. According to the court papers, “the Leonard family was forced to stay at the facility and engage in a counseling session conducted by” Pastor Irwin.

Did This Pastor Drive Her Flock to Beat Teen to Death? - The Daily Beast

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