Sunday, February 7, 2016

Blogger concerned about controversial pastor’s SBC ties

I have posted a small bit concerning Sovereign Grace Ministries here and here; about Sovereign Grace Church here and C.J. Mahaney here. I'm not quite sure where this is leading but definitely something to keep our eyes on.
Rick Patrick, senior pastor of First Baptist Church in Sylacauga, Ala., described a story in the February issue of the Washingtonian titled the “The Fall of a Mega Church” as “heartbreaking” in a comment on SBC Today, a blog he publishes in his capacity as executive director of Connect316, a group of pastors formed to counter the growing influence of Calvinism in the nation’s second-largest faith group.

SBC Today reprinted a blog by Brent Detwiler, a one-time colleague of Sovereign Grace Ministries founder C.J. Mahaney who for the past three years worked with victims, child abuse experts, lawyers and law enforcement in pursuit of a book detailing what media have called the largest evangelical sexual abuse scandal to date.
 “Perhaps I am missing some pertinent piece of information here, but it would seem more appropriate for Southern Baptists to be distancing ourselves from Mahaney and SGM rather than joining hands in joint ministry ventures,” he said.
Blogger concerned about controversial pastor’s SBC ties

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