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UPDATED::Christian Activists To Debate Executing Homosexuals - Joe.My.God.

UPDATE::  So I guess the grand debate took place.  Sounds more like "my (interpretation of) god is bigger than your (interpretation of) god" but in the end junior Shoebat's vitriol and hatred shined bright for all the world to see.
Yesterday, Theodore and Brown finally faced off in a debate on Brown's "Line of Fire" radio program and Shoebat posted video of his side of the conversation in which he made clear his support for violent vigilantism against gay activists.

When Brown asked him point blank if he thinks it is a good thing when militant Christian activists go out and physically attack activists marching in gay pride parades in other countries and whether he'd like to see the same thing happen here, Shoebat was unequivocal.

"I'll give you a short answer," he said. "To the first question: yes; to the second question: yes, absolutely."

Shoebat said that physically assaulting gay activists was theologically justified and praised the nations where it takes place, saying that "I wish America had this stuff."
Theodore Shoebat Supports Violent Vigilante Attacks Against Gay Rights Activists 

For those that follow this blog, it is no secret that there is no love loss regarding Charisma's Michael Brown: 
Michael Brown exports anti-LGBT hatred to Peru. Michael Brown claims gay activists want Christians thrown into prison. Michael Brown claims that Hillary Clinton is controlled by Satanic homosexuals. Michael Brown claims that the Bible is 100% true except for the parts he doesn’t like. Michael Brown leads a hate march of hundreds of Christians to disrupt Charlotte’s gay pride parade. Michael Brown debuts his book with a video using small children to ridicule gay families. Michael Brown claims he’s “honored” to be featured on the SPLC’s “hit list.” Michael Brown claims he’s “outraged” to be featured on the SPLC’s “hit list.” Michael Brown denounces the “vulgar” post labels on JMG.
 nor Theodore Shoebat:
It’s rather comical that Matt Barber now denounces Shoebat considering that it was Barber who published multiple columns from Shoebat on his own site, BarbWire. Those columns were quietly deleted only after several posts about them here on JMG.
They are both jackals that need sedation.  The disputes (as JMG also notes above and I have posted about previously) I personally have with both are long and arduous and in some cases transcend the LGBTQI discussion.  So for this post we are going to ignore that for the moment and focus only on what JMG presents.
Today anti-LGBT Christian activist Michael Brown published a column for the viciously anti-LGBT Charisma News in which he denounced fellow anti-LGBT Christian activist Ted Shoebat for his many calls to execute homosexuals. Shoebat responded on Twitter by challenging Brown to a debate on this aspect of Christian Love™ and Brown has accepted. From the opening to Brown’s column,,,
I would pay money to see this as neither Brown nor the Shoebat's are being - shall we say, intellectually honest.  Brown can huff and puff all he wants but his failure to denounce the likes of Romero, Berzins, Anderson and Swanson is telling.  A week after the fact just doesn't cut it.  The fact that he endorses Cruz, he is thereby endorsing Swanson and the father's hateful rhetoric.

On the other hand we have daddy Shoebat defending his son, Theodore, who is advocating violence against homosexuals. In fact, Theodore, wants it to be legal, state-sanctioned violence which is supposed to make his reprehensible position more palatable.

Although I will not go quite as far in my praise for Charisma or BarbWire as the following comment, I believe Gigi is quite accurate in her summation of Shoebat's antics.

His cult of personality in reminiscent of early Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church.  His competition with Anderson and Swanson, as to to whom can be the most vile, is laughable if not for the fact it is dangerous.  Ask Peter LaBarbera and Scott Lively how well that has worked out for them.

So,,, if these two debate, I do hope it will be available online and available to the general public.  While I dislike Michael Brown's stance on homosexuality as I believe he is wrong, I will give him some credit - for now- for taking a public stance against the out-right violence endorsed by the Shoebat's.  My question for you Mr Brown, is when will you do the same concerning Anderson and Swanson, et al?  Or does your dislike only apply to those of the Catholic faith?

[Please note::  If any of my readers are aware of a published article or video in which Mr Brown has chastised the likes of Anderson or Swanson, for their violent, anti-gay rhetoric, I would be much obliged if said article is passed along.  It is very possible that I have missed it; the aforementioned article not withstanding.  After the fact doesn't count in my book.]
Other recent shit good ole Theodore has said,,,

Christian Activists To Debate Executing Homosexuals - Joe.My.God.

See also:   ‘Jesus single-handedly killed all the sodomites, annihilated them, caused Sodom and Gomorrah’

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