Thursday, February 25, 2016

February 19-24, 2016::End of the day round-up

An Op-Ed by Justice Robert Jackson's one-year leave of absence from SCOTUS to serve as chief prosecutor at the war crimes trials in Nuremberg.

Temporarily having an eight-justice Supreme Court is not ‘sacrificing a single interest of importance’

I came across this article not long after listening to the following episode of TRC. Turns out, this is the article referenced in the pod,,,

Melting Greenland ice changing ocean circulation, Earth's gravitational field
The melting of the Greenland ice sheet due to climate change is having an impact on ocean circulation and rising sea levels, according to new studies from university researchers across North America.

"It was well known that Greenland's ice was melting, it was well known that that melting was accelerating, and it was well known that extra melting was changing the salinity of the North Atlantic Ocean," said Tim Dixon, a Canadian professor in the department of geophysics at the University of South Florida, who recently co-authored a study published in Nature Communications.

Dixon said that when ice melts, it deposits fresh water into the ocean that dilutes the salt in the North Atlantic. "What was not known is what effect if any that would have on ocean circulation," he said.
 "In the extreme case of a breakdown in this global ocean circulation pattern, equatorial regions could become much hotter than they are today and polar regions could become much colder than they are today, and significant fractions of the globe might become unlivable."
Colgan said that just like the moon pulls tides around the Earth with its gravity, by being relatively massive, Greenland pulls water towards it. As Greenland gets smaller, the ocean water flows farther away towards the equator, in what is called a gravitational far-field.
I know I have posted concerning the so-called conspiracies surrounding Scalia's death. This one take the cake, it's NPR for god's sake. The Jones Effect in full force,,,

Scalia And Leonard Nimoy: Justice's Death Spurs Conspiracy Theories
In the world of conspiracy theories it's hard to separate the parody from the true believers. But if you believe these notions are all sound and fury signifying nothing, think again. They eventually compelled Presidio County Judge Cinderela Guevara to make public Scalia's private health information as told to her by the justice's doctor, Rear Adm. Brian Monahan. The doctor told her Scalia had a history of heart disease and high blood pressure so significant that surgery to repair an injured shoulder couldn't be risked.
This may be why his family was not interested in an autopsy, simply grateful for the peaceful circumstances of his demise.
Subaru recalls 77,000 Tribecas
Subaru is recalling 77,000 Tribeca SUVs due to a defective hood latch that can open unexpectedly while driving. The recall affects 2006 - 2014 models.
Help Chassé Overcome Challenges by Vyckie Garrison - GoFundMe

The only good that can come from this, PA tax payers won't have to pay for his care. I have no sympathy for this man or his family in regards to his conviction and jail time.

Judge orders cable company founder released from prison
Prosecutors says Rigas suffers from bladder cancer that has advanced to his lungs, making it unlikely he’ll live more than six months.

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