Wednesday, February 10, 2016

On Trial for Crime Against Humanity, Homophobe Scott Lively Begs for Cash |

Scott Lively has been a busy little beaver the past month.   According to The Advocate, SMUG has been able to push their case forward.
Antigay Massachusetts pastor Scott Lively is having a hard time — he's currently on trial, facing a lawsuit accusing him of a crime against humanity. Lively is also broke, according to a frantic message he posted on his website last week.

Lively is spending time in a Springfield, Mass. courtroom where a judge is deciding whether to bring a precedent-setting lawsuit to trial. A Ugandan LGBT group called Sexual Minorities Uganda sued Lively over his trips to the nation in the last decade, where, they claim, he convinced local legislators to embrace antigay laws that cost them their freedom, comfort, and privacy.

The Ugandan gay rights group says Lively not only delivered hateful speeches against LGBT people, calling them "brutal," "savage," and harboring a predilection toward pedophilia, he worked with lawmakers to actively take away their rights and put them in harm's way.

In 2009 a bill was introduced in Uganda's Parliament that called for certain consensual gay sex acts to be punishable by death. It never became law; a version calling for life imprisonment did, but it was struck down by the nation's highest court. Still, homosexuality remains illegal in Uganda. Many Ugandan LGBT people live in constant fear of violence, and local gay leaders have been killed. SMUG says Lively is partly to blame for the dangerous environment and should be convicted of a crime against humanity.

SMUG was able to bring the case to court under a statute allowing foreigners to sue Americans in U.S. federal court. Lively is trying to get the case tossed out and denies he's responsible for the horrible conditions that LGBT Ugandans live under.
Where The Advocate only touches on his fundraising, Right Wing Watch goes to town,
Lively bragged that he is being targeted by gay activists because his Abiding Truth Ministries is "one of the most feared and hated pro-family organizations in the world ... because we know more about the history, strategies and tactics of their movement than just about anyone on our side." The downside of being so "feared" is that he is now facing a lawsuit stemming from his anti-gay activism in Uganda, which is why Lively was begging for donations:
My friends, SMUG v Lively is truly a David v Goliath battle. I’m running a one-man office on a shoestring budget of less than $120,000 per year, provided almost entirely by donations of $50 and $100 from average people. Our donor base is small, mostly elderly, and very difficult to expand due to the success of the anti-Lively propaganda. While Liberty Counsel has been funding our legal defense, this lawsuit has nevertheless caused us major financial hardship and seriously threatens our future.
Frankly, I question whether ATM will survive the decade without greater support from the individuals scattered across the society who recognize the danger of the LGBT agenda and are willing to stand with us financially against it. That can only happen if the people who already support us encourage their like-minded friends and allies to donate to us.
In a separate "letter to the international pro-family movement," Lively declared that "the Leaders and Activists of the LGBT movement are malicious deceivers and evil-doers, deliberately subverting civilized society and viciously attacking all opponents to advance their selfish and self-destructive interests" and called for anti-gay activists to focus on preventing the passage of antidiscrimination ordinances that protect sexual orientation in places where they don't already exist and repealing them where they do.
On Trial for Crime Against Humanity, Homophobe Scott Lively Begs for Cash |

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