Thursday, February 11, 2016

Readying U.S. pastor’s trial over anti-gay venom in Uganda | 76 CRIMES

Frank Mugisha, Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG), provides an update, the most important surrounding Martin Ssempa.  I personally believe since Ssemp is a US citizen, he should be facing the same charges as Lively but my basis for sucjh is justmy disdain for the entire operation.

In early 2015, it was learned that [anti-gay Uganda Pastor] Martin Ssempa is a U.S. citizen, which means he is subject to the U.S. court’s jurisdiction. In May, SMUG requested that the court issue a subpoena, which is a command by a court for a non-party witness to give testimony and produce documents relevant to the issues in the case.  With this subpoena, SMUG seeks to question Ssempa under oath concerning his work with Lively and his involvement in the persecution of the LGBTI community. It is important to emphasize that Ssempa is not a party to this case. He is not himself being sued; SMUG is only seeking his testimony.
The court granted SMUG’s request and issued the subpoena in early May. Since the court’s order, SMUG’s lawyers have attempted to serve Ssempa with the subpoena in order to question him and recover documents from him, but have been unable to locate him.  He has disappeared from social media as well as his TV show and has not been seen publicly.  According to some reports, Ssempa may have disappeared in an attempt to avoid the subpoena.  For example, see [“Pastor Martin Ssempa Summoned: The Question Is, Where Is He And Should We Be Concerned?” on the Uganda Gospel Life blog.]
Readying U.S. pastor’s trial over anti-gay venom in Uganda | 76 CRIMES

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