Monday, February 1, 2016

Stop S.B. 66 | American Civil Liberties Union

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Some Indiana legislators simply haven’t learned their lesson. Last year, we raised our voices – alongside prominent Hoosiers, Indiana businesses, and key national institutions like the NCAA – to amend a harmful Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) bill that sanctioned discrimination in the name of religious freedom.

Now Indiana is trying to pass a “Super RFRA,” S.B. 66 – an even worse law. And if it passes, it could set off a wave of similar laws enacted across the country.

This is not what religious freedom is supposed to do in this country.

The “Super RFRA” undermines critical protections against discrimination. If this bill becomes law, people would be allowed to use religious beliefs as an excuse to harm others. A landlord could claim their religion requires them to deny housing to an unmarried mother. Or a business owner may refuse service to a same-sex couple, citing freedom of religion.
Stop S.B. 66 | American Civil Liberties Union

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