Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Stories I didn't get too from January 2016

These are in no particular order, nor are they vetted in any way.  In other words they could be satire and I am unawares,,,

Obama just found out about the tampon tax, and he is not a fan
President Obama is a proponent for equality in the healthcare system, but up until Friday, he knew nothing about the luxury taxes that 40 states place on sanitary pads and tampons.
The Brutalism of Ted Cruz
Eventually, the mistake came to light and Haley tried to fix it. Ted Cruz was solicitor general of Texas at the time. Instead of just letting Haley go for time served, Cruz took the case to the Supreme Court to keep Haley in prison for the full 16 years.
NYT's 'Conservative' Brooks Rips Cruz's 'Pagan Brutalism.' Here's The REAL Reason He Hates Cruz
David Brooks’ all-out assault on Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) has reached unforeseen heights today with a column in which he labels Cruz “brutal” and un-Christian for his harsh rhetoric against the left. Here’s Brooks’ reprehensible, religiously bigoted attack,,,
How the Conservative Media Went Nuts When David Brooks and I Discussed Cruz's "Satanic" Tone
I don't know about Brooks, but I was besieged on Twitter by conservatives who hurled angry how-dare-you tweets at me. Some accused me of committing a hate crime (the victims: Christians). But this was yet another exercise of false right-wing outrage, and a demonstration of rather poor reading comprehension on the right.
Ted Cruz’s Faith Is Under Fire. Here’s The Story Behind His Religious Beliefs
When Texas Sen. Ted Cruz took the stage at Liberty University last March to launch his bid for the White House, both the location of his announcement and the first words of his campaign made his election strategy clear: he wants conservative religious votes.
Congressman Readies Ted Cruz Eligibility Lawsuit With Eye on Mom
Billionaire businessman Donald Trump suggested this week his nearest rival for the Republican presidential nomination may be ineligible for office and won a daylong echo across the political press, despite Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s attempt to brush off the commentary.
'Birther' Orly Taitz: Ted Cruz Has 'Basically the Same Issue as Obama'
"Clearly there is an issue of eligibility," crusading skeptic of President Barack Obama's birth certificate Orly Taitz told U.S. News. "It's basically the same issue as Obama has."
Proof that Ted Cruz did not become a US citizen at birth
According to the Canadian Citizenship Act of 1946, also referred to as the "Act of 1947" because of its effective date, Canada did not allow dual citizenship. This was the first citizenship act in Canada to create a new citizenship status separate from being considered British Subjects. With the pride of a nation first enacting the right to become Canadian Citizens, it would stand to reason why they also chose at the time to not allow dual citizenship. According to the Government of Canada's website, the heading "History of citizenship legislation" states the following,,,
Liberty and SOGI Laws: An Impossible and Unsustainable "Compromise"
Big Business and Big Law are using Big Government to impose their cultural values on small businesses and ordinary Americans. Indiana does not need to create new laws on sexual orientation or gender identity for people who identify as sexual minorities to be treated justly. The best way to protect all Hoosiers is for Indiana not to adopt a SOGI policy at all.
BarbWire: Leftists Are Using Our Former Columnist Ted Shoebat To Unfairly Smear All Christians
Infamous Brazilian anti-gay activist Julio Severo today published a BarbWire column [http://www.donotlink.com/i436] which denounces the leftists at Right Wing Watch for reporting on former BarbWire columnist Ted Shoebat’s incessant calls to execute all homosexuals. It’s so unfair! It not like Shoebat appears in a recent anti-LGBT documentary alongside leading evangelicals and GOP presidential candidates. Oh, wait. He writes,,,
Theodore Shoebat Wants Blasphemers Burned At The Stake To Prevent Cannibalism
"That stuff cannot be tolerated," he explained, "because as soon as you allow attacks on Christianity to be enabled and to thrive, then the Christian spirit begins to decay, it begins to decline and all sorts of moral evils take place like public acts of sodomy, public acts of desecration and degenerate behavior and murder. It just spirals and it goes on and on and pretty soon you have cannibalism, pretty soon you have bestiality and pedophilia."
Theodore Shoebat Says That Gays Routinely Rape And Murder Young Boys During 'Southern Decadence'
As Shoebat explained, a fellow anti-gay activist "went out to preach against the sodomites in New Orleans" and was told by locals "about how the sodomites in the French Quarter go out and hunt for little boys, they steal little boys and then bring them to the gay bars and they rape them and they murder them in the bars."

Shoebat says that he asked for evidence of this but was told by his friend that this was simply what he had heard from the locals, so Shoebat did his own investigation and claimed to have discovered that there are thousands of reports of young boys being routinely raped by gay men while the police in New Orleans simply look the other way.
When Exemption is the Rule: The Religious Freedom Strategy of the Christian Right
The evangelical Protestant Christian Right and U.S. Roman Catholic bishops are intensifying their campaign to carve out arenas of public life where religious institutions, individuals, and even businesses may evade civil rights and labor laws in the name of religious liberty. By creating zones of legal exemption, the Christian Right seeks to shrink the public sphere and the arenas within which the government has legitimacy to defend people’s rights, including reproductive, labor, and LGBTQ rights. In this, it is often aligned with the antigovernment strategy of free market libertarians and some business interests, who for a variety of reasons also seek to restrict arenas where government can legally act.

This conservative Christian alliance is challenging a century or more of social advances and many of the premises of the Enlightenment underlying the very definition of religious liberty in the United States. Its long-range goal is to impose a conservative Christian social order inspired by religious law, in part by eroding pillars of undergirding religious pluralism that are integral to our constitutional democracy.

Since Political Research Associates’ March 2013 report, Redefining Religious Liberty: The Covert Campaign Against Civil Rights,* a remarkable string of cultural, legislative, and legal victories by the LGBTQ community have further animated the Right’s defensive strategy aimed at exempting conservative Christians from having to accept certain advances in human and civil rights. However, the Christian Right’s religious freedom strategy is part of its long-game and is not merely an anti-LGBTQ tactic.
What the Koch brothers don't want you to know about the family money
Maybe this is what's behind the Koch brothers' mission to destroy the U.S. government as we know it—the government started it way back in 1944 when U.S. bombers destroyed an oil refinery built by their father, Fred Koch, in Nazi Germany. Yes, Koch money came in part from Nazi Germany, and that's not all. All of this is detailed in a new book from investigative reporter Jane Mayer, and examined more deeply by Gawker,,,
Concentration Camp Inmates Had To Rebuild A Nazi Refinery The Koch Brothers' Dad Helped Construct

Bombshell Reveals Nazi Connection To the Koch Brothers

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