Thursday, February 11, 2016

Texas Trans Woman Becomes Grim Statistic |

The Austin Police Department arrested and charged 29-year-old JonCasey Rowell for the murder and Rowell is currently being detained on a $250,000 bond, according to KXAN TV, a local NBC news affiliate.

KXAN also reports that Loera’s roommate told police that Rowell “kept knocking on the door and Loera said ‘he was going to get rid of him because he didn’t want to mess with him.’ When the victim went to to open the door, the roommate said he heard a sound like a firecracker and Loera said, ‘he shot me.’”

After the shooting, Loera was taken to the University Medical Center Brackenridge hospital “where she was pronounced dead from her injuries and the Travis County Medical Examiner ruled Loera's death a homicide” noted Monica Roberts of TransGriot. Roberts is a Houston trans journalist who was one of the first people to report on the case in a trans-affirming manner.


Texas Trans Woman Becomes Grim Statistic |

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