Wednesday, March 2, 2016

ADDENDUM::Ex-chaplain in St. George's School scandal sued 20 years ago in West Virginia - News - - Providence, RI

As of this posting, White has not been charged with a crime in any of the cases mentioned.  I highlight his alleged involvement for two reasons:  Bedford is not that far from where I live.  And two, based on what has been revealed thus far, would you want this ass-wipe near your kids?
An Episcopal priest embroiled in a sex-abuse scandal at the elite St. George’s School in Middletown was sued 20 years ago by a West Virginia man who said the Rev. Howard W. White Jr. sexually molested him when he was approximately 11 years old.

The suit also asserts that The Protestant Episcopal Church in the Diocese of West Virginia ("the Diocese") "conspired" to cover up White's alleged misconduct to avoid "public knowledge, criminal prosecution, disgrace and scandal."

In his 1996 complaint, Richard Albright stated that the Diocese "knew, or should have known" of White’s “alleged proclivity for deviant sexual behavior, but failed to alert its parishioners of the potential danger to their children," and was vicariously liable for White's actions.

Instead, the Diocese kept appointing White to various assignments "within the Diocese of West Virginia and elsewhere, without reporting the criminal sexual misconduct to law enforcement authorities." White, the suit alleged, "is and was unfit" to be a priest, and "is and was a severe danger to persons who were his potential prey."
White and the Diocese were neither found guilty — nor exonerated — of the allegations. The courts only examined whether the complaint was filed beyond the statute of limitations, and not its merits, said attorney Ancil G. Ramey, of Huntington, W. Va., who represented White during Albright's appeal to the Supreme Court.
Ex-chaplain in St. George's School scandal sued 20 years ago in West Virginia - News - - Providence, RI

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