Saturday, March 5, 2016

Duggar cult survivor wants you to meet the powerful women who make other women’s lives a living hell

Vyckie once again hits it out of the ballpark by naming names within the Quiverfull movement. If you remember Frank Schaeffer piece, I Helped Start the Religious Right: Here's How We Tried to Undermine Secular America -- and Build a Theocracy:: Christian home-schooling is at the core of the project, many of the names should be familiar.

As one reads though, this is what becomes apparent, ",,,it seems that people like Nancy Campbell who, by the way, have time and money to travel and speak, stay in nice hotels and eat in nice restaurants, are on a slippery slope. They insert themselves between a woman and her husband and tell her how she needs to change her marriage. Where do they get THAT authority? Think about that and let your mind wander how that plays out with the men, huh? Don't the men realize that a woman is telling their wives what to do and, by extension, a woman is telling the man what is going to happen? And, further, I still laugh at Nancy Leigh DeMoss Wolgemuth who only recently was married, being (I think) in her 50s. Kind of amusing to hear her host programs about wives and children and husbands and families, though she had not yet been married, and has never had children."

Where I think Vyckie "learns me" something new is with the idea of "Titus 2 Women":
Admittedly, the public face of Quiverfull (also known as “Complementarity”) is overwhelmingly male: John Piper of the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, John MacArthur of Grace to You ministries, Dennis Rainey, radio host of Family Life Today, mega-church Pastor David Platt, who is president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s International Mission Board and author of “Counter Culture” which calls on women to ditch feminism in favor of wifely submission, Voddie Baucham, author of “What He Must Be If He Wants To Marry My Daughter,” Scott Brown of the National Center for Family Integrated Churches (in which “family integrated” is code words for Quiverfull), “Kill The Gays” pastor, Kevin Swanson, the “pissing pastor,” Steve Anderson, and so so many more.

But honestly, no sensible woman would give these misogynistic jerks the time of day if it weren’t for the influence of dedicated Christian female mentors: the “older women” of Titus 2 whom the apostle Paul charged to “teach the younger women” to be obedient keepers at home.

In the past, influential women like Phyllis Schlafly, Beverly LaHaye, Elizabeth Elliott, Edith Schaeffer, and Mary Pride decried the rise of feminism and the devaluation of full-time motherhood and homemaking.
Today, one of the leading ministries influencing Christian women to adopt bronze-age roles of rabid fecundity and hyper-domesticity is Above Rubies, a magazine “to encourage women in their high calling as wives and mothers” which has a worldwide circulation of nearly 200,000. The magazine and correlating ministry are headed by a charismatic and commanding woman named Nancy Campbell.
 Not every mega-family gets their own TV show to finance their procreative extravagance. The real reality is that many Quiverfull folk are barely getting by. The ultra-conservative lifestyle demands that Dad provides while Mom stays home with the kids. So these are one-income families supporting an impossible number of children: often a new baby every two years. Finances are further constrained when the family opts out of free public education in favor of homeschooling (revisionist history and creation science curriculum are not cheap!), refuses to accept any form of government assistance (because socialism) including Medicaid and food stamps, insists on debt-free living which means no home mortgages or credit cards to fall back on in emergencies, and some go so far as to forego home, health, and life insurance because it means trusting in a policy rather than in God. Add to that the biblical mandate to tithe the first 10% of their income to the church and to generously support various “pro-family” ministries with monthly donations.
Duggar cult survivor wants you to meet the powerful women who make other women’s lives a living hell

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