Wednesday, April 6, 2016

UPDATED::Have you heard of the Pastor Protection Act? – LGBTQ Nation

Not getting much attention, it should be,,,
UPDATE:: House passes bill saying churches don’t have to wed gays
But Rep. Scott Plakon said the bill simply gives pastors added protection. He said he hopes it is never needed. The vote was largely along party lines, with most Republicans in favor and most Democrats opposed.

A similar bill is ready for a Senate vote.
Like Texas, Florida is set to to pass a piece of legislation that is pointless.  As John Wright, for Toweleroad notes, the Pastor Protection Act "reaffirms existing protections under state and federal law."
The “pastor protection act” aimed at preventing lawsuits against churches or preachers for refusing to perform same-sex marriages is ready for a vote on the Florida House floor, where it’s likely to pass.

The House Judiciary Committee approved the measure after lengthy debate Thursday. That was the final committee stop for the bill in the House. It still faces two more Senate committee hearings before it can go to a floor vote there.
Have you heard of the Pastor Protection Act? – LGBTQ Nation

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