Wednesday, March 9, 2016

NYPD Looking for Hate-Crime Attacker of Transgender Woman |

Police in New York City are looking for a woman in a pink scarf who attacked a transgender woman in a packed subway car.

Jennifer Louise Lopez, 37, tells The Advocate that on January 30, she was punched in the face and required emergency surgery on her eye following the attack. Lopez, who is the executive director of Everything Transgender in NYC, was riding the uptown D train to 125th Street when a woman confronted her.

"I simply sat down on a subway seat, and she obviously didn't like it," Lopez tells The Advocate. "I had my back to her. She was taking up half the seat, sitting by the window. Her first words to me were 'Get the fuck up!' in a very aggressive manner." Lopez responded, and that's when the woman stood up, loudly questioned her gender identity, and punched her in the face, according to New York City TV station WNBC.

In an interview with New York City cable station NY1 News, Lopez described the attack: "She spun around and said 'Oh, you're a man', as soon as she said that she took a swing at me."

NYPD Looking for Hate-Crime Attacker of Transgender Woman |

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