Monday, March 7, 2016

Ohio Pastor Shot Dead By Own Brother While Preaching

An Ohio pastor was shot a few hours ago by his own brother according to startled eyewitnesses. It’s a situation that has left his Dayton community stunned and struggling to make sense of what just happened. The story is breaking, and so there isn’t too much information available about this tragedy.

According to WHIO, which broke the story, police and first responders were summoned to St. Peter’s Missionary Baptist Church at 3302 Nancy Ave. Witnesses say that the victim, 70-year-old William B. Schooler was standing at his pulpit when he was approached by his 68-year-old brother Daniel Schooler. 

It’s here that details become fuzzy, as the story is still breaking. While some sources report the Ohio pastor shot dead where he stood at the pulpit, WHIO is saying that the shooting actually took place in Schooler’s office. An unidentified woman told police she heard two shots. Not long after police responded to the shooting, William Schooler was declared dead, and his brother Daniel was taken into custody.

Ohio Pastor Shot Dead By Own Brother While Preaching

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