Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Study Finds Employers Are Less Likely To Interview LGBT Women | ThinkProgress

It would be interesting too see the impact of such a study in small towns were everyone assumes they know your personal life.   Not to knock the study but this is telling me something I already know, although it does put numbers to a face, so to speak.
A new study finds that similarly qualified queer women receive significantly fewer callbacks than their straight peers when applying for jobs.
Emma Mishel, a doctoral student in the sociology program at New York University, conducted the study by generating a pair of test résumés, which she submitted to more than 800 administrative, clerical, and secretarial job openings in New York City, Washington, D.C., Tennessee, and Virginia. The résumés were similarly qualified, and for each application, she would flip a coin to randomize whether the Cornell University grad or the Columbia University grad had experience as a leader in her school’s LGBT student organization or just a general progressive organization.

Because the indicator was an LGBT organization, Mishel refers to “queer women” throughout the study, because the applicants might have been perceived as any variation of LGBT identity. In a footnote, she explains that “queer” has become “an umbrella term for anyone identifying as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender.”

The study found that the applicant who did not have an LGBT indicator was 29 percent more likely to be contacted for a interview than the applicant who did,,,

By applying to jobs in different locations, Mishel hoped to assess what impact LGBT employment protections may have played in the results. Interestingly, though callback rates were lower in general for Tennessee and Virginia (perhaps because the applicant’s home address was in New York), rates of discrimination did not actually vary across the locations. Thus, the study suggests that having protections does not directly lower the amount of discrimination that takes place.
Study Finds Employers Are Less Likely To Interview LGBT Women | ThinkProgress

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