Monday, April 4, 2016

Just a reminder,,,

Due to the volume of narratives concerning church abuse AND crimes against the LGBTQI community along with legislation, I am about a month "behind" in said postings concerning such.  It is by design to try and minimize the mind numbing effects of such stories compiled with my post-stroke depression.  Some of these stories are heartwrenching, while others make you want to throw things.  The debacle that is the RCC is a good example of such as they are mired in a never ending scandal; Altoona-Johnstown Diocese comes to mind.

Please keep in mind as well that some of these stories are changing daily as is the case with many investigations.  Legislation on hot button issues is literally all over the map and difficult to track at times.  I am a one woman show and do my best to stay informed and keep others, that are interested informed, as well.  With that, my ultimate goal is to expose the jack-wads for what they are and get as much information out there as possible.

I just aggregate, the real heroes are the reporters and journalist whose stories I use (the movie Spotlight comes to mind).  They have done the leg-work of reporting on the trials, reading transcripts or attended trials.  They have attended the hearings and town hall meetings, or in some cases scoured police reports.  I, on the other hand, sit back and read the fruits of their labor.

I remember this as I once again reach another milestone for this blog.  Some time this week I will break the 5000 mark in postings and without the reporters and journalists, I would be stuck at zero.

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