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UPDATED::Bronx Rabbi Who Took Boys Naked to Sauna Will Keep His Job - The New York Times

This story is getting to the point it is annoying.  One minute he is quitting, the next he's not.  He's being charged, he is not.  Authorities can't seem to make up our minds.  Now there seems to be some type of deal in the works.

Newsflash, just fire the guy!!  He deserves nothing,,,

UPDATE:: Deal Set For Embattled Riverdale Rabbi To Step Down
The Riverdale Jewish Center board and its embattled Rabbi, Jonathan Rosenblatt, have reached an agreement about his departure from the synagogue he has served more than 30 years.

Pending approval by a vote of the membership scheduled for March 17, Rabbi Rosenblatt will step down from his pulpit March 20 and become a private citizen, with no title in the syngagoge, according to Meyer Koplow, the rabbi’s attorney.

“The desire is for him to remain in the community and remain accessible to those in the congregation who wish to use his services,” Koplow told The Jewish Week.

As a life member of RJC, the rabbi may be called on by individuals to officiate at lifecycle events or deliver a shiur (lecture).
UPDATE::  DA found no criminal conduct by Rabbi Rosenblatt
The Bronx District Attorney’s office says it did not learn of any criminal activity after speaking with 20 people about Rabbi Jonathan Rosenblatt, the longtime leader of the Riverdale Jewish Center (RJC) who came under fire for a years-long habit of bathing nude with boys at a sauna.

“We did not receive any first-hand information about conduct that constituted criminal activity, and any conduct was outside the statute of limitations of New York. We remain available to speak with members of the community who would like to share information with us, and to offer counseling and other services,” DA spokeswoman Patrice O’Shaughnessy said in a Tuesday email statement.
UPDATE::  ‘Sauna’ Rabbi Stepping Down; Or Is He?
A brief statement last Wednesday evening from the leadership of the Riverdale Jewish Center, informing members that their embattled rabbi, Jonathan Rosenblatt,  “intends to step aside from the senior rabbinate” of the Modern Orthodox congregation, is being scrutinized and parsed in the community this week like a passage from the Talmud.
Raising more questions than answers, the two-sentence message seems to indicate that nine months after published reports described the rabbi’s longtime practice of showering and chatting in the sauna with boys and young men, and six months after he overcame efforts to have him removed from his pulpit, the prominent religious leader will be leaving his post soon in an effort to unify the community. Or will he?
UPDATE::  Bronx Rabbi Who Had Sauna Chats Is Quitting 
The prominent senior rabbi of a Bronx synagogue who drew scrutiny for having naked sauna chats with boys as young as 12 is stepping down.

The rabbi, Jonathan Rosenblatt, had fought hard to keep his job at the Riverdale Jewish Center after the publication of an article in The New York Times in May describing the sauna sessions, and many congregants rallied to his defense.

But hundreds of other members quit in anger over Rabbi Rosenblatt’s conduct and the synagogue leadership’s tolerance of it, forming a breakaway congregation.

The Riverdale Jewish Center, a Modern Orthodox congregation in the affluent neighborhood of Riverdale, has lost more than half its members since last year.
A prominent Orthodox rabbi in the Bronx who was the focus of scrutiny for having taken boys naked to a sauna will keep his job, after his synagogue’s board changed course and decided not to seek his removal.

The rabbi, Jonathan Rosenblatt of the Riverdale Jewish Center, had fought efforts to remove him and apologized for lapses in judgment, and seemed to have the support of most of the 700-member congregation.

“After carefully considering various scenarios over the last several weeks, we firmly believe that the approach laid out by Rabbi Rosenblatt is an effective and appropriate way forward,” the board’s president and chairman wrote in an email to members last Thursday. The rabbi, the board said, had “shared his vision” about strengthening bonds among members and maintaining the synagogue’s financial stability.

The email was reported on Monday by The Jewish Telegraphic Agency.

At least two board trustees resigned over the decision to keep Rabbi Rosenblatt, and dozens of congregation members unhappy with the process have begun holding services at each other’s homes instead of at the synagogue.

Bronx Rabbi Who Took Boys Naked to Sauna Will Keep His Job - The New York Times

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