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Show Notes: They are kinda related,,, (Pt 2)


Stop Kerri Rivera, autism quacks and abusive "treatments" for autism


If you remember from part 1, we discussed a general overview of the First Amendment and how it is ONLY speaking of and to governmental entities and their representatives (public vs private sector employment).  The First Amendment has no jurisdiction between private parties, such as the "cases" of Phil Robertson or Andrew Wakefield, although there are certain caveats (ie violations concerning anti-discrimination laws, or what I call faux religious liberty cases,  BUT you have to bear in mind those cases then are no longer 1st Amendment issues even when said violation may be religious in nature). 

You may say whatever you want - again with some caveats (ie yelling fire in a crowded theater) - the gov't can not shut you down although they can place restrictions for public safety (such as safety zones at family planning clinics or a buffer zone at a political rally). 

A private entity may disagree and they may criticize you BUT they do not have to provide a platform for your speech.  Ultimately that is what the Azucar Bakery case was about in Colorado.  Marjorie Silva, the defendant, maintained throughout, "[i]n the same manner we would not … make a discriminatory cake against Christians, we will not make one that discriminates against gays."
Where Phillips went wrong is that he out-right refused a service/product (providing a wedding cake) that he normally provides to any other customer. Where Silva went right, "[i]n the same manner we would not … make a discriminatory cake against Christians, we will not make one that discriminates against gays."

Where Jack went wrong, he assumed Silva would cow-tow to his wishes because he is a Christian and his beliefs are sacrosanct and should never be questioned. Where Silva went right, "[i]n the same manner we would not … make a discriminatory cake against Christians, we will not make one that discriminates against gays."
In a similar vane, it is also why Phil Robertson had no leg to stand on against A&E.  As a private company, A&E had certain standards for employees, in their determination Robertson didn’t meet said standards.  End of story.

In a nut shell that is the situation being faced by Andrew Wakefield; a lying con-man with no moral integrity.  Tribeca is a private entity who chose, after receiving horrible public backlash, not to screen the his film.  Contrary to opinion, the powerful elite had nothing to do with this.  There is no conspiracy.

Although this IS SATIRE,  this article sums up the general sentiment concerning our view of documentaries.

We also learned that the same tenet applies in regards to religion.  The gov't has to be hand off in endorsing a specific religion and that hands off approach has to be across the board.  It has to be equal to all religions.  In other words Christianity and its variants (what we here in the States are most familiar with) can not be given preferential treatment over any other religion.  What is good for the goose, is good for the gander.

That is one of the underlying arguments you will find concerning the SB277 issue in California.  Parents can no longer use religion to exempt a child from the required school vaccines. 
If you remember SB277 eliminated non-medical exemptions for mandated vaccination in regards to schooling.  As I have mentioned, its passing has created a little cottage industry.  A point that Orac notes concerning Dr Bob Sears:  “SB 277 is generally a good law, but it’s definitely not perfect. Perhaps its most glaring weakness is that all that it requires for a child to obtain a medical exemption is a letter from the child’s doctor. In other words, any physician can provide a letter for parents to use to get a vaccine mandate.” [See also:  Now what? Will SB 277 enrich antivaccine doctors? and SB 277 advances, and antivaccine activists lose it (again)]

Remember my bit on MMS?  The MMS protocol is actually part of the Genesis II Church sacraments. Jim Humble made it as such to attempt to bypass the SOCAS issue by injecting religious bullshit.

For example, these are statements within a longer statement by Humble,
I also told him that we have given interviews to CNN, BBC, Sky News and others with none of them reporting what I said so why waste our time. He was persistent about finding out if we cure breast cancer. I finally told him that by the Sacraments of the Genesis II Church we have treated, cured and healed breast cancer. He was appalled that I would say those forbidden words “cure, heal or treat”. Forbidden by the FDA, U.S. Justice system maybe, but not a Church! Maybe the AMA can't say that because they are not set up to “cure” anything but only treat symptoms. I told him that he could see for himself testimonies of many diseases “cured” with the Genesis II Church sacraments. People from all over the world are being “restored to health” with the protocols of our Church. ABC released an article and a two - night coverage of a so-called “investigation” into the “unorthodox underworld” of the Genesis II Church. Here is what was aired.
As you can see we brought up a different side of the issue that they cannot and will not cover. The only places we have seen our story get out is the alternative media and even many of them are afraid to cover what we do as a Church. The time is now to make a stand against this evil that is destroying our world. This Bible verse sums it up for about who we are really fighting. “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places”, Ephesians 6:12 King James Bible. Whether you believe the Bible or not those that are well read in history and have their eyes open know this to be truth throughout history.
While Humble is still active in the debacle he created, a more recent news release is telling.  This one is dated December 4, 2015 from Archbishop Mark S. Grenon
We have prepared a Religious Exemption letter to be given to any government or private organization as a statement of our beliefs about vaccines and other issues regarding toxins entering our body, i.e. “our temple”. If anyone needs this letter please contact us at,,,

This statement, was in regards to a woman who wanted to volunteer as a hospice.

To Humble and his ilk, I have this to say, Why the FUCK would you volunteer at a hospice or such without being vaccinated - the elderly, the ill and immune compromised DIE from flu complications, EASILY. Fuck Jim Humble and his cult.

I get personally peeved at this becasue it is attitude such as this that caused my issue with staph/ MRSA.  Which BTW almost derailed my eye surgery 18 months after the fact.

Bishop Kerri Rivera (and Bishop Andreas Kalcker, a oft co-hort) takes it one step further, in her "curing" of autism, with the purging of parasites and intestinal lining (ropeworms) via the ingestion of CLO2 and CLO2 enemas.


Sorry, but not sorry for the gross picture.  This is what the parents are sifting through their child's poop for.  This occurs daily if not more.

Another example, this 2-part tutorial from Kerri Rivera and in it she describes how to make a 3000ppm CLO2 solution:

A far cry from the recommended concentration for treating our water supply.

What I found interesting,,, 

Although Rivera seems to have jumped ship for GcMAF, THIS still appears in relation to Humble and his Genesis II church.  My last foray into this wacky world, about a year ago, the number stood at 163.  So it would appear, though not vocal, Rivera is still considered part of the fold.

Into that mix we have the whole of the AV movement of which Wakefield is a part; a part he fully embraces.

All this got me too thinking in light of the recent Hovind/Tocco video(s) and the current debacle with Wakefield.  (And NO, Wakefield was not exonerated, "To try to argue that a legal ruling such as the one regarding Professor Walker-Smith exonerates Wakefield is an even worse folly than arguing that his being struck off necessarily proves he is a quack. He’s an antivaccine quack based on science; it matters not what the courts say.")  SOCAS hasn't been broached per se, but SOCAS is an issue in the broader context of the AV movement as is the idea of religious freedom in general.  I wonder how much they have learned from the Reich and their throw spaghetti on the wall approach.

You see, some aspects of the alt-med field fall prey to the conspiratorial mind set exemplified by Hovind and the religious batshittery presented by Genesis II.  In fact what scares me is that next on Hovind’s list will be MMS.  He already peddles B-17 as a miracle cancer cure, so MMS would not be to far of a leap.

I guess what is bothersome and why collecting my troubled thoughts so difficult is that I see no end in sight.  I look to people such as Kevin Folta, the SciBabe, Dr David Gorski among many, many others, who have spent years studying this stuff and wonder - what do they really think when a individual such as Hovind or Wakefield (or in Folta’s case Vandana Shiva) make such a mockery out of science.  A field they have spent a lifetime to learn.

In the end I am reminded of what the interesting points John Oliver makes about science and science reporting in the media.
"No! No, no, no, no, no, no, no! In science, you don't just get to cherry pick the parts that justify what you were going to do anyway! That's religion! You're thinking of religion!"

"This is really dangerous! If we start thinking that science is a la carte ... that is what leads people to think that man-made climate change isn't real, or that vaccines cause autism, both of which the scientific consensus is pretty clear on."

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