Saturday, June 25, 2016

Prominent rabbi and educator accused of sexual abuse - Israel News - Jerusalem Post

A prominent rabbi and educator living in Beit Shemesh has been accused of misusing his authority and position for his sexual gratification.

An ad hoc rabbinical court of senior rabbis in Israel and the US issued a warning instructing women to avoid all contact with Rabbi Meir Pogrow, the founder of a website and study program called Master Torah, designed to aid the study of religious texts and retain the knowledge acquired.

According to the Master Torah website, Pogrow has rabbinical ordination from several authorities, including from the Chief Rabbinate, and is qualified as a rabbinical judge.
Having spoken with Pogrow, the rabbis issued a ruling prohibiting him from associating with women in any way and for any reason, including married and unmarried women of any age.

The rabbis also warned all women against meeting with Pogrow for any reason publicly or privately, and from contacting him in any way including by phone or email and any other form of electronic correspondence.

The rabbis added that a woman in the US has helped Pogrow establish meetings with other women and said therefore that all women should avoid all contact with this individual as well.

Rabbis Bass and Malinowitz, along with Rabbis Yitzhak Berkowitz, Mordechai Willig, and Elimelech Kornfeld, issued a separate document entitled “Warning to the Public.”

“It is our obligation to notify and warn women and girls in the strongest and most urgent terms, to distance themselves from any interaction from this individual, from his lectures, and from any area of his influence in any way,” the rabbis wrote.

Prominent rabbi and educator accused of sexual abuse - Israel News - Jerusalem Post

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