Saturday, June 25, 2016

Scientology Opens $50 Million Movie And TV Studio Complex In Hollywood - Forbes

The old Hollywood studio system may be struggling as of late, but you wouldn’t know it by talking to Tom Cruise. While the actor was not on hand for the grand opening of the Church of Scientology’s massive studio complex in Hollywood last month, he is to be heavily involved with its plans. Located right on Sunset Boulevard, the studio system took five years to renovate and cost approximately $50 million dollars. Images have been released via the official Scientology Facebook page, with further details being provided this week via the official site.

Church leader David Miscavige aims to use the new complex as a vehicle for Scientology’s star celeb Tom Cruise and return both Cruise and Scientology to the power and influence they held in Hollywood in the ’90s during the height of Cruise’s stardom. Earlier hits Days of Thunder and Far and Away were filmed partly at Scientology’s Hemet HQ, and the plan is to do more of the same but on a bigger scale now. Cruise plans to film his Hollywood projects at the Scientology complex, which is bigger and more complex than even that of Paramount Studios, Miscavige claims. Paramount famously parted ways with Cruise in 2006 when Viacom VIAB -5.66% chairman Sumner Redstone canceled its contract with Cruise’s Cruise/Wagner production company after 14 years of working together.

Scientology Opens $50 Million Movie And TV Studio Complex In Hollywood - Forbes

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