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Violent ideology, bizarre demands: Secretive world of the Mathura cult | india-news | Hindustan Times

Currently in India there is a kerrfuffle surrounding this Mathura cult.  While I do not understand all the minutaie I do find the "cult or personality" surrounding it interesting.
In April 2014, Ram Vriksha Yadav, a small, greying man in dhoti-and-kurta, took over a park in Mathura with around 500 armed followers for a two-day protest.

But members of the Swadhin Bharat Vidhik Satyagrah – and its armed wing Subhash Sena – never left, occupying the public space to turn it into what appeared to be the headquarters of a self-styled revolutionary group. The local people called them Naxalites.

Little was known about the group until Thursday when police clashed with thousands of its followers, trying to clear out some 3,000 squatters on court orders. The violence left 24 people dead, including the Mathura superintendent of police.

As police piece together information on the group, what emerges is a picture of a rag-tag organisation coalesced around a cult of independence hero Subhash Chandra Bose with a warped view of the world.

With ‘Jai Hind, Jai Subhash’ as their motto, Yadav appears to have forged a militant outfit that sought to indoctrinate and give arms training to local teenagers, seeking to replace the present-day political system with their own vision of a Bose-inspired world.
Violent ideology, bizarre demands: Secretive world of the Mathura cult | india-news | Hindustan Times
“They would be given written permits for going outside and they expected that the followers were only allowed outside if someone from outside came in. They would only be allowed to leave for 1-2 days and would be let inside quietly.”

Police had clashed with about 3,000 followers of obscure sect Azad Bharat Vidhik Vaicharik Kranti Satyagrahi which had encroached on 260 acres government land. Twenty-four people, including a superintendent of police and a station house officer, were killed in the violence which took place when police went to evict the sect from the land.
Mathura cult had its own jail, army and tough laws

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