Monday, August 1, 2016


From the desk of Nicol Simard,

Friends, there will be a great all day conference on August 13th. It will be held in Niagara falls. And since I know the vast majority of you do not live anywhere near enough to come, there is another option. I will be on the premises filming. The entire 12 hour event will be broadcast live via the internet and you'll be able to watch for only $19 CDN. (All profits from live-stream sales will go to the conference organizer.)

You can watch Maajid Nawaz (a former radical Islamist who spent five years in an Egyptian jail), Neda Topaloski (a Femen member), Ali A. Rizvi (a Pakistani-Canadian writer, physician and musician), Scott Clifton (an American actor, musician and video blogger), Raheel Raza (an award winning journalist who was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for service to Canada), Catherine Dunphy (one of the founding members of The Clergy Project and former executive director of this important group), Eiynah (a Pakistani-Canadian illustrator and blogger who write and draws about sexuality in South Asia), Christopher DiCarlo (philosopher, educator and author - he's the recipient of the best lecturer award and Canadian Humanist of the year - he is the developer of the first pilot project in Canada to introduce standardized critical thinking into the Ontario high school curriculum) and Armin Navabi (founder of the Atheist Republic, an organization with a million fans and followers worldwide).

I was planning to attend and film the event. Then, I thought, why not make it available over the Internet? I made the offer to the organizer, Spencer Lucas, who thought it was a great idea. So why not attend an all day conference from the comfort of your own room. The speakers will be fascinating. And it will only cost you $19 CDN. Join in the fun.


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