Monday, August 29, 2016

She answered my question,,,sorta

The other day this meme was posted concerning Vani Hari aka "Food Babe".
As I follow her antics, I thought I would ask a legitimate question. Surprisingly, "she" responded.
So the fact that she is borderline dispensing medical advice without a license AND advising a "follower" to not consult a pediatrician. Her hackles were raised by a simple question of clarification.

While I, and many others think her a dangerous fool, many follow her advice. When an individual in her position states that because of "X", I no longer need a prescription; many take that as meaning "I cured" whatever ailed me. The issue in this case is she has offered two conflicting pieces of advice,,,diet or coconut oil/olive oil.

Also notice her hidden use of the natural fallacy with the phrase "petroleum based". To borrow from a fellow groupie, "Funny how she had to throw "petroleum" in there, just to justify using natural over synthetic. Always making it sound scarier than it really.

I am not a fan of the "Food Babe", I have no qualms in stating that.  She is a dangerous loon that needs to be exposed at every turn.  While credentials only tells part of the story, the ability to learn and correct mistakes is important.  Hari, at every turn has been given that option and has refused, spouting scientific illiteracy at every turn.  The fact that my comment/question is still there surprises me as she is fairly quick with quashing dissenting opinion and using the ban-hammer.

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