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1/26/17::End of the Day

The following was shared by author Chris Rodda (Liars for Jesus 1 & 2), "[i]t's a video that Bruce Wilson put together about the Betsy DeVos-funded project, Student Statemanship Institute. This should answer the questions some were asking about Devos's dominionist Christian agenda. This is the kind of indoctrination that DeVos wants to be paid for with public tax dollars."

As Chris notes, SSI isn't the only such program as David Barton and his sidekick Rick Green run one in Texas called "Patriot Academy." There is also the "mission" of Patrick Henry College, "to train Christian men and women who will lead our nation and shape our culture with timeless biblical values and fidelity to the spirit of the American founding". [See also: God's Next Army Listen very carefully to part 3 and especially part 4. In part 3 they do clips of their classes, each class is like a mini Sunday indoctrination session. In part 4 they talk of the internships, listen to what the issues are that they're attacking - privatization of soc security, estate taxes - think "Jesus Camp" on steroids with much broader implications for all of us.] And who can forget Sarah Palin and the Master's Commission [also from Bruce Wilson]

This is what DeVos and her ilk believe and are striving for in our schools. They want to go the charter or voucher route as gov't oversight is very lax to begin with as well as the belief that the "gov't" doesn't have jurisdiction for oversight.

Trump's voter fraud probe could pave way for tougher voting rules
One of the biggest issues to come out of this push for an investigation by Trump into the possibility of "voter fraud", is tougher voting rules. One aspect being more restrictive voter ID laws. We'll leave the discriminatory BS out of the mix for the moment.

Regardless of the fact that Trump's claim is bogus, it is more fuel for the GOTP. Let's throw a kink in that plan and instead of waiting 2 years (mid-term elections). Whether - your Green, Dem, Independent, or whatever - let's get those without proper ID the assistance they need to secure documents needed.

It took me 10 months to replace my BC. I lived 1500 miles away from my home state and I was adopted. Because I lacked photo ID (stolen) I had to rely on my father to secure a certified copy. My roadblock was simple, for others it's not so easy.

South Dakota's antiscience bill passes the Senate | NCSE

Kentucky bill seeks to make the bible part of public school curriculum

Religious freedom bill dies in Colorado House – The Denver Post
This is a good thing people. Simply put, had this bill passed it would have legalized discrimination against LGBTQI people.
",,,a thinly veiled attempt to legalize discrimination against gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people. And, they fear a slippery slope — how far could someone go in claiming religious belief to justify ignoring anti-discrimination laws?"
The Reich has hijacked the phrase "religious freedom", there is no such thing in these type of bills. Remember SB1062 in AZ or the debacle in IN? It's the same.

EPA Scientists' Work May Face 'Case By Case' Review By Trump Team, Official Says : The Two-Way : NPR 
Any review would directly contradict the agency's current scientific integrity policy, which was published in 2012. It prohibits "all EPA employees, including scientists, managers and other Agency leadership from suppressing, altering, or otherwise impeding the timely release of scientific findings or conclusions."

It also would likely have a chilling effect on the agency's ability to conduct research on the environmental issues it is charged with regulating.

Ericksen's comments come just days after Trump's team ordered agencies to limit their external communications to the public. Employees at the EPA, the Department of Agriculture and the Interior Department, among others, have been instructed not to post on social media accounts. At the EPA, the staff was told not to speak to the news media.

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