Sunday, June 4, 2017

Notes:: Twatwaffle of the Week for May 23, 2017 (#8)

 Note::  Audio has been edited for brevity, no other changes have been made.

"SB 1085/HB 1111 is now law in Tennessee"

"Supreme Court Rejects Guilty Until Proven Innocent, Says States Cannot Keep Money From The Innocent"

"Killing ‘Fags’ Should Not Be Considered A Hate Crime"  

"Anti-LGBTQ Activist Warns That Equality Activists Are ‘In A War With Christ And Christians’"

 (See also:: just for fun as this year was 20 yrs since that iconic moment.)

"Dutch Sheets: ‘Evil Spirits’ Are Manifesting Because Christians Are Experiencing A ‘Breakthrough’ Under Trump"


"Alex Jones claims intelligence officials belong to secret leather daddy club"

[CLIP 45:51]

"Tuck Buckford Willingly Issues A Forced Apology"

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