Wednesday, August 2, 2017

UPDATED::Homicide Victim Allegedly Asked Girlfriend to Shoot Him Because Cult

In both cases, Shriner says shadowy forces were responsible. For instance, NATO killed Pingilley because she believed in the god “Yahuah.”
Shriner disagrees, saying a “NATO death squad” murdered the troubled young woman.  

“Kelly just pissed people off because she was supposed to kill me 3 months earlier on a trip to NYC with me and she refused to kill me,” Shriner told The Daily Beast, adding that the alleged murder orders came from “the White House… I was #2 on Obama’s death list for 8 years… she was coming to my house before we headed to NYC… she was supposed to kill me when she got here so the trip would never happen.”

On one of her follower’s blogs, Shriner spun Pingilley’s death into a conspiracy theory of its own.

A Pennsylvania woman is behind bars after she allegedly admitted she fatally shot her boyfriend — but claimed he wanted her to kill him because of issues he was having with a cult.

Barbara Rogers, 42, was charged with criminal homicide and is being held without bail in the death of her 32-year-old boyfriend Steven Mineo, who was found dead in their Coolbaugh Township apartment on July 15.

After the shooting, Rogers allegedly told police that she and Mineo were members of a “cult” that focuses on “aliens and raptures,” and that Mineo asked her to fatally shoot him, a criminal complaint obtained by PEOPLE states. “The victim was undergoing a lot of stress through the problems with the cult,” it adds.

Rogers told police the couple had been feuding with Sherry Shriner, the founder of a website that posts about conspiracy theories, doomsday preparations, soul scalping and a “new-age alien agenda.”

Homicide Victim Allegedly Asked Girlfriend to Shoot Him Because Cult

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