Monday, August 7, 2017

Hershey School house parents showed anti-gay video to a student (w/ update)

I missed this story during my recovery,
A year ago, when a former student accused the Milton Hershey School of forcing him to watch a video meant to convert him from homosexuality, the school called the allegation “outrageous” and said it would never condone such behavior.

Now in court documents, the school’s lawyers admit that such a video was used by Hershey house parents and that it was shown to at least one student. The school maintains it doesn’t know whether the tape was shown to Adam Dobson, the former student who is now suing the private school in federal court.
Dobson contends that he was forced to watch the hour-long gay conversion tape as punishment, and that it was followed by a campaign of prayer sessions and other efforts to get him to change his sexual orientation.
The Dobson suit is the latest problem at the Hershey School, the nation’s richest private school and largely financed by Hershey chocolate and Reese’s peanut butter cup profits, and part of a widening legal battle over student care. Also in 2016, the parents of another student, Abbie Bartels, sued the Hershey School, which banned the eighth-grade girl from the school’s campus after she was treated in a short-term psychiatric facility for suicidal thoughts. She hanged herself two weeks later in June 2013.
Hershey School house parents showed anti-gay video to a student

Update:  A 2nd former Hershey School student says he was forced to watch gay conversion film

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