Wednesday, September 16, 2015

It does get worse, who knew,,,


Liberty Law School Dean: Government Doesn't Have Authority To Impose Unbiblical Laws
"Government's only just authority [is] derived from God and it's purpose is to protect those inalienable rights that we have been given, not to infringe them as we're seeing take place a lot in society today," Lindevaldsen said. "Whether it's zoning or taxes or marriage or abortion, in those issues, government doesn't have authority to say that these things are appropriate because they're contrary to Scripture."
Senator Ted Cruz tells voters there is a ‘war on faith’
The narrative being driven by the Republican Party today is one that claims that when a religious person loses their right to discriminate against those they disagree with, that a liberty is lost. This is a talking point Cruz did not forget.

“If we cannot worship God, if we cannot live according to our faith …. all other liberties fade away,” Cruz said without ever mentioning what liberties would be lost.

But more importantly, he did so without even providing proof that one would not be allowed to worship God. When has someone right to worship whatever god they please been under attack?

What Cruz is really upset about is, as mentioned earlier, the loss of the Christian Rights ability to discriminate against homosexuals and women at will. With the legalization of same-sex marriage and the continued fight to allow women access to healthcare and birth control, the Christian Right believes their rights are being trampled on.

And, exactly what is this country's "mission"?

EW Jackson: Obama Turning Military Into A 'Sexual Experiment' Because He Doesn’t Believe In America
“The lesbian, transgender, bisexual military is what the president is creating for us, and it’s sad,” Jackson declared, alleging that President Obama “is much more interested in turning the military into some sort of sexual experiment than he is in making it the finest fighting force in the world.”
Jackson responded that Obama wants to allow LGBT people to serve in the military because he doesn’t believe in America or want the military to be effective: “I don’t think he wants the military to be militarily effective, because I don’t think he believes in it, I don’t think he believes in its mission, because, frankly, and I know this sounds extreme but it’s what I believe in my heart, I don’t think he fundamentally believes in the nature of this country or its mission.”
Pompous ASS!!

Mat Staver Expects Every Presidential Candidate To Pledge To Disobey Any Pro-Marriage Equality Ruling From SCOTUS
"We're going to ask every presidential candidate — Republican and Democrat — to sign on to this pledge and it's going to be very telling if they don't," Staver said at about the 3:30 mark of this interview:
So wondering when we will be reading that this jackass will be using "stand-your-ground" to defend himself for shooting a constituent for asking a question.

Arkansas Legislator (Who Loves Jesus) May Shoot You If You Bug Him in Public
… the fuck?

Was that a threat? Is Rapert ready to shoot his own constituents if they dare to ask him a question? Even if Rapert felt he was being harassed, that’s his rational response?

That’s what the Arkansas TimesMax Brantley wanted to know, and his reporting led to some crazy responses from a very defensive Rapert, who said his tweet had absolutely nothing to do with White… even though he would still totally shoot someone who threatened him.

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