Wednesday, September 16, 2015

This Cartoon Shows Just How Little Conservative Christians Understand Transgender People

So Michael Brown (PhD, Near Eastern Languages and Literatures) is one of those idiots I like to dislike.  He hasn't quite reached the pinnacle of Scott Lively's status, but he is close.  He is, in my mind, a misguided soul who needs to STFU about things (LGBTQ issues) he knows nothing about.

That aside, Hemant Mehta is someone I like and his criticism of the meme Brown posted is spot on.  Mehta is correct, "Dr. Michael Brown, a columnist for Charisma, is one of many Christians who puts on this guise of compassion while ignoring what scientists and psychologists say on the subject of sexuality. He says gay and transgender identities can be “cured.” He says he’s not transphobic, but misgenders them all the time. He also calls them predators.

What I find "comical" and it is a point Hemant notes - It’s telling that the character who most resembles Brown’s own view is the child — the one person who’s expected to not get what’s happening and who can be forgiven for not understanding the complexities of gender. Brown, on the other hand, should know better - I can relate to.  To this day, even with 44DDs, people still misgender me based on appearance.

Growing up I was not the most feminine of creatures (I'm still not but don't mess with my hair products or lotions).  I was a tom-boy through and through; hell, I still am, even though my body says otherwise. (It's all in the mind,,,hehe,,,I would still be playing hockey if I was physically able.)  Bizarre thing is, up until my 11th birthday my hair was butt length.  By age 12, it was blatantly obvious I was not male.  But because I didn't always look or act the part, I was notoriously sent to the little boys room. Even as recent as 5 years ago I would have little kids ask if I was a boy or girl, especially if I was wearing one of my ball-caps.  But as Hemant notes, a child "can be forgiven for not understanding the complexities of gender."

That is what Brown and his ilk don't get, it is not a matter that is simple.  I will be the first to admit that for many years, when younger, I sometimes questioned whether I was in the "wrong body".  But as I grew older, both in age and maturity, I learned to accept my differences and embrace that "I am woman".  I am, who I am.  Just because I love (and sometimes fuck) someone of the same gender assignment only means that the heart chooses whom it chooses.  It says nothing else, period.

To degrade a segment of the population that Brown does, only shows me that Brown is not comfortable with who he has become; who he is at the core.  He tries to fit himself into an ideal that is flawed.  A man made construct (the theological notion of complementarianism) based a stagnant and dead text written 2000+ yeas ago.  I mean seriously dude, you're getting you sexual ethics from a "book" that doesn't even science.  Think about it, Adam and Eve where not distinct creations but fucking clones; how does that work exactly?  It's a book that condemns a man for "spilling his seed".  Or worse isolates a woman because of a natural process.

Do you send your wife to the doghouse when she is on her period?  If you don't then,,,well,,,STFU!!

This Cartoon Shows Just How Little Conservative Christians Understand Transgender People

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