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Show Notes::Crazy Religionist, Satanic Ritual and Abortion

As many of you may already know, I have a keen interest in what I call "Demons, Deliverance and Exorcism",  It was this mind-set many moons ago that nearly killed me.  Not in the physical sense per se, but psychologically.  So when this headline  "Ex-Satanist: Babies ritually aborted for devil" with the under title of 'Your hands have to get bloody' hit my news feed - well - you can imagine my ire and disgust.

Zachary King is a Catholic wannabe version of Mike Warnke and believes that Satanic rituals are being performed at your "local" abortion clinic (in other words, Planned Parenthood). 

Why does he believe so, according to Hohmann: 

King said he was hired to be there, casting his spells, by the abortionists.
“You have to be part of the procedure,,,They have hired you to perform a satanic spell and, in order for that to happen, your hands have to get bloody.”
“My left hand guided the way, and the right hand had a scalpel. The woman never winced or anything. Both hands were bloody. I participated in 141 abortions. I doubt my actions actually killed any children, but I was still there.”
He said [referring to King] the women whose abortions he attended would get pregnant with the intent of killing their unborn baby as a sacrifice to Satan.

“So the women knew why I was there,,,,King said. “They know there’s a satanic ritual going on.

“In 1987 (at the age of 19), I became a high wizard, and I did my last abortion in 1997,,,,From the time I was 14 to age 19, I did probably five of them.”
So I did a bit of digging,,,

The interview originated with Michal Hichborn of the Lepanto Institute; it was then "reported" on by LifeNews.com, ”an independent news agency devoted to reporting news that affects the pro-life community."  And finally reached Leo Hohmann of WND.  His article is just a repetitious bunch of junk with no fresh perspective or novelty.

Now I'm not going to get into the differences between theistic and atheistic forms of Satanism (not to discount The Satanic Temple) nor any of the other batshittery that always surrounds this topic (ie Hitler, Manson, Mengele and Margaret Sanger always make an appearance from the religious fucktards).  But I want you to think about what he said, and how fucking stupid he is.  It is a point our very own Heretic Woman made before she was banned and her comments deleted. 
  • Satanists don't have covens
  • Although not mentioned in Hohmann's article, King states in the original interview, "I had been in the World Church of Satan,,,"  I have never seen reference to such and organization nor have I been able to FIND any reference to such
  • WTF is a high wizard [see:: CoS's hierarchy explained]
  • There are no substantiated claims of human sacrifice by any Satanic groups,,,EVER
  • And WTF is a non-medical person doing in an operating theater
  • Exactly what type of abortion was he providing - My left hand guided the way, and the right hand had a scalpel
  • This last one is self explanatory - I doubt my actions actually killed any children, but I was still there
So dude can't even seem to get his terminology correct.  Let alone provide any evidence that these "Satanic" rituals are occurring besides the fact that abortions do take place.  The author doesn't do much better, relying on innuendo and rumor:  "In December 2010, Life Site News, a pro-life website, published a profile of Abigail Seidman, who from the age of 10 was working in an abortion clinic managed by her mother, a nurse."

[Side::King can't even seem to get his narrative correct either, one minute he is in an operating room; next it is some, "farm house that was surprisingly more sterile than many of the other abortion clinics I had done abortions in."  Also note this comment is referencing his "first [abortion] one I did was about 3 months before turning 15."]

BUT that is not my interest,,, It is the hyperbole and god awful rhetoric being spouted by these insane lunatics that bother me.

So with said, a little back story for context and understanding my interest.

Flash back to the early 80s and the mentality that originally sucked me; a bit of:


Not to be out done, a related trend that had been brewing along side the above "Panic" was the “Satanic Ritual Abuse” [Bullocks::Pt 2, Pt 3, Pt 4, Pt 5] scare. Led by,,,
So why is this a problem,,,

It is this sort of Christianist masturbatory fantasy that is still extant, that its promulgators think that "the rubes" will actually believe it.  As Deb and I found, the religious fucktards soak this shit right up; and I'm not just talking the Christo-fascists either.
This is truly unbelievable, that people would allow themselves to be so over taken by the devil that they would make human sacrifices to satan, but after seeing what PP does, selling babies by the piece, I guess anything is possible, I still have a hard time understanding how people can be so depraved and evil. Their days in eternity will be long and hot, and they deserve it.
When I was an LEO, I researched this crap to find out more about a coven working in my district. What I found was so repulsive I almost threw up. Baby Sacrifices, Group Rape, Eating Feces, Kidnapping Children in other states and forcing them into this sick lifestyle and the list goes on forever. They had a nation wide network from coast to coast and this was in the late 70s. I could only imagine what they have now.
I agree. Whether or not there is a Satanist there performing a spell, it's still offering up a child, a human life, on the altar of pleasure and convenience. And given that truth, should it be any great surprise that the enemy of our souls, the enemy of all human souls and life itself, would wish to be present, cheering the practitioners on? Of course they wish to remain in the shadows, because evil hates the light, so also don't be surprised by the many naysayers who will flock to this article to leave their mocking comments, seeking to discredit the man's truthful testimony. [Article's author]
Do you mean evidence as in hearing it on the main stream media? I have heard testimony from many different ex-satanist that state child sacrifice is a common practice among them. I was told i was crazy years ago for stating that baby parts were being harvested and sold on the black market. Guess what? Its main stream news now. Also, thats not the worst of it. Those baby parts are being used in our food, cosmetics and other areas. Sounds crazy huh! That will come out too. My evidence is discernment. Any a people without God will do evil beyond imagination. Grace is available for those people if they just trust in Jesus and repent.
Imagine being 19 year old, away from home in a heavily fundamentalist atmosphere. Imagine having a mental illness, but not knowing you have a mental illness.  Imagine having psychotic episodes, delusions of grandeur, uncontrollable moods swings all fueled by an addiction to Tylenol 3s (codeine) which eventually led to Oxycontin.  Imagine being a cutter but not knowing why.

Now add to that a culture where mental illness is perceived as a spiritual issue that can be solved by prayer and Bible study.  (Sound familiar) That it is Satan and his minion demons and those he controls that are the cause of all your woes.  Then add to that a jackass named Bob Larson.  (Yes, the current master of Skpye exorcisms (for the low price of $295) and the brains behind teen exorcists.) I think without much help you can see where this is going to lead because it is still happening today.  I am an "exorcism" survivor

[SIDE::Now there is a lot of small detail in discussing Larson and my experience.  Larson actually performs, in modern parlance, "Deliverances" not the Rite of Exorcism.  No he was not present, but his early teachings along with the hype mention above were influential.  Yes I have "met" Larson and have heard him speak.  I was also and avid fan of his two-hour weekday call-in show "Talk Back" (no, I don't think I ever called in at least I don't remember ever doing so).  Yes I have read many of his books and so on,,,

I say survivor because, it didn't kill me. But the aftermath nearly did.  I say survivor, because, today many individuals subjected to this type crazy talk don't.  That fucks me off!!

Over the course of the past 5 years, I have posted numerous stories concerning "Demons, Deliverance and Exorcism" and the false narrative behind it.  People say that religion does not result in harm but I beg to differ.

These are just some of the stories I haven't published...
 "Christianity" is dying a slow death and the Christianists don't like it.  They don't like the idea of their way of life is, their dominance of the way things ought to be, their beliefs are becoming extinct.
Zachary King said satanism, in the same way abortion and homosexual rights activists have mainstreamed their ideas, is unveiling its true agenda in increments.

"It's becoming more popular, because, remember, Satan has removed himself from the picture in many respects, trying to prove he doesn't exist [18],,,,So many people think of Satan as this character the church invented to keep people in line, and then you look at everything else that's ramped up.
It's the same with abortion and satanism,,,

"Everything satanic is coming out in the open, they're not denying it anymore. They're not hiding it in the basement and out in the woods anymore," King said. "It's just out in the open like everything else." [19]

And that my friends is the crux of the whole matter.  The political agenda aside, they do not want their beliefs challenged.  They do not want people to think for themselves.  They want happy little sheep.
Oh,,,the money is not too bad either.

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