Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Video: Dead teenager 'wakes up in grave in Honduras' – only to then 'die in hospital' - Telegraph

They seemed too quick to take her to an exorcist before a doctor,,, 
A teenage girl in Honduras had mistakenly been buried alive and apparently woke up in her coffin, only to die before she was freed.

Footage shows frantic relatives smashing into the concrete tomb of recently buried Neysi Perez, 16, after they said they heard her screaming from inside. She had been buried the previous day.

When they opened the coffin, Perez was dead. But according to relatives, she was still warm and had bruises on her fingertips. The glass viewing pane on her coffin had been smashed.

"As I put my hand on her grave, I could hear noises inside," her husband, Rudy Gonzales told Primer Impacto TV news. "I heard banging, then I heard her voice. She was screaming for help."

Perez, 16, had been three months pregnant, and apparently fell unconscious when she heard a burst of gunfire near her home in La Entrada, western Honduras.

When she began foaming at the mouth, her parents – who thought she was possessed by an evil spirit – called a local priest who attempted to perform an exorcism. 

Perez was rushed to hospital when she became lifeless and was soon pronounced dead by doctors three hours later. She was buried wearing her wedding dress.
The video (in Spanish), if you are interested:

Now for some skepticism,,,
Though there are some missing details in this strange case, there’s enough information to suggest a plausible scientific and psychological explanation: the faint, muffled “scream” heard seemingly coming from Perez’ above-ground tomb was not a scream at all, but instead some ambient urban sound (perhaps car brakes squealing in the distance, or a siren’s wail) that was interpreted by the girl’s grieving family as a cry for help.

Despite sensational news reports that Perez was “screaming” and “banging” on her coffin, there’s simply no evidence of that beyond the (surely sincere but likely mistaken) claim by her husband. Once he began, quite understandably, panicking that his wife may have been buried alive, the others joined in. Hearing a dead loved one’s voice is common and harmless, especially in the early stages of grief or panic.

Illusory voices and signs of life can be created by well-understood psychological process called apophenia, which cause people to “hear” distinct sounds and voices in random noise. In fact, earlier this year several rescuers at a car accident in a Utah river mistakenly reported hearing a mysterious, non-existent voice calling to them from an overturned vehicle.

A closer look reveals no evidence suggesting that Perez was not (still) dead when her family broke into her coffin; she appeared calm and non-responsive in the videos. By all accounts she never moved, opened her eyes, or spoke, and there were no doctors present. Her family seemed to assume she had -- apparently up until moments before -- been alive and screaming because her body was warm and pliable.
Video: Dead teenager 'wakes up in grave in Honduras' – only to then 'die in hospital' - Telegraph

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