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January 29, 2016::End of the day round-up (pg 2)

Colorado Public School District Promotes Christian Purity For Girls

American Taliban: A Colorado public school district is caught promoting a creepy Christian purity event that teaches girls as young as 11 that they must remain “pure” until they find a husband.

Recently the parents of children attending Colorado’s Mesa Valley School District 51 got a flyer in their email inboxes advertising a Christian purity-based course targeting girls. The course, a Christian Bible study event called “Wake Up Sleeping Beauty: Worship at His Feet,” focuses on teaching adolescent girls to retain their virginity until they are married.
Having reviewed the flyer and KHB-R per your request, we do not find that the flyer promotes a religious organization or demeans a person or group on the basis of gender.
0.0% of Icelanders 25 years or younger believe God created the world, new poll reveals | Icelandmag 
Iceland seems to be on its way to becoming an even more secular nation, according to a new poll. Less than half of Icelanders claim they are religious and more than 40% of young Icelanders identify as atheist. Remarkably the poll failed to find young Icelanders who accept the creation story of the Bible. 93.9% of Icelanders younger than 25 believed the world was created in the big bang, 6.1% either had no opinion or thought it had come into existence through some other means and 0.0% believed it had been created by God.
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Just so full of stupid,,,

Science That Excludes God Is a Faith System of Its Own
Over the last few decades a viewpoint many call scientism has overtaken our culture. This perspective assumes that “science” is the final and ultimate test for truth. Public opinions (highly influenced by “scientism”) frequently miss the fact that scientific theories change, and are often proven wrong over time. Further, while specific experiments can give understanding into how things work, the branches of science have no procedures for explaining meaning.
But the real kicker, check out number three,,,
I have come to believe that evolutionists hold a blind zeal for the perceived benefits of a Darwinian view of life for the following three reasons:
1. Darwinism gives humanity supposed insight into “reality”
2. Darwinism sets us free us from ancient superstition (i.e., religion and God)
3. Darwinism green-lights sexual freedom and moral license.
Why does everything, the Reich bitches about come down to sex? Be it gay/lesbian or straight?
As I have said before, eliminate the Creation mythos you eliminate the entire authority of the "church". It's all about manipulation and control. Without Genesis, the creation narrative, there is no Christ and he becomes just another myth.

Ken Ham says that Bill Nye is using a Christian worldview to explain evolution
A creationist would be confused by this statement only if they didn’t understand even the basic fundamentals of evolutionary theory. Of course, Ken Ham is one of those who claims that evolution is “survival of the fittest” and says that someone like Stalin was not “nice” and acted pretty jerky and he survived.
This is a common assertion by creationists who believe that “fittest” must mean strong or mean or “jerky” in this case when in fact it only means fittest in the context of adapting to survive in the species environment.
I would actually take it one step further by saying that Ham is incorrectly applying evolution as a whole or incorrectly applying scientific thinking in general . Ham 's focus is on social Darwinism which has no basis in the biological theory of evolution, and was not an idea advanced by Charles Darwin. 

To borrow from RationalWiki a bit more, "Even if [Stalin] believed that evolutionary theory justified his destructive and oppressive vision, this does not undermine the theory's basis; what people do with an idea has no bearing on the scientific validity of that idea." 
A few days later Ham re-published this piece of dreck as well,,, The Results of Evolution: Could It Be the Bloodiest Religion Ever?

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