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February 16-18, 2016::End of the day round-up

Trump and Hitler
While I have great difficulty in making such a comparison, it has been done by many. Myself included. Muholland makes an interesting point, "I realized why globalism is such a good thing. A world connected economically and electronically is a much safer place. I’m glad to live in a world where the death of fourteen in San Bernardino is a national tragedy and the words of Trump are scandalous. Perhaps Trump’s biggest mistake is to point us backwards. As long as we can still see the smoke rising from Auschwitz and Dresden, there is little attraction to the past or to people like Donald Trump."

When one asks me whom I will vote for, I can confidently state it won't be for a GOT/P party member or Donald Trump. But it does not mean that I will automatically vote for Hilliary. It does not mean I will automatically vote for Sanders. I really am undecided.

You see this election is mega important for ideological reasons. We have the status quo versus the theocrats. (And there is some argument as to what camp Clinton actually stands in.) We have the one percent versus 99 percenters.
All other issues aside, it boils down to this, a point Morton makes well.

When you ask me to vote for Hillary
If this doesn’t make sense to you — if you think it is reasonable to fear the opposition more than to hope for having a better life — then I’m guessing you live a fairly comfortable life and don’t feel strong motivation to change it. Perhaps it’s been a long time since you had to decide not to take your spouse to the emergency room because you were worried it would wipe out what little savings you have. Maybe you don’t have full-blown anxiety attacks every time you see that your medical insurance company has sent you something in the mail. Do you remember the last time you cried thinking about how you can’t afford to get a job, because it will knock you off of the meager insurance assistance you have and put you even further behind than you started? Would your place of employment and the welfare of hundreds of employees be ensured if only we could sort out the insanity that is private insurance? Has there been a time in your life when nearly all of the stress you experience in life comes, one way or another, from trying to navigate the private medical-industrial complex?
As sad as it may sound, the morass I have had to navigate since my stroke has become the biggest deciding factor in choosing a possible candidate. How either candidate handles this will be a major factor. Right now, the advantage is Sanders, though it is still early and I have a month to decide in regards to primaries.

One point not touched on but still important, insurance issues aside, what about recovery,,,hmmm? You see, I went back to work way sooner than I should. I had to rely on the generosity of others to survive the three months (and then some) I couldn't work. Insurance is nice, but there are other issues not being looked at. 
A financial update for those that have asked,,,
I never was in the best shape financially prior to my stroke, I'll be honest. I lived very simply and as frugally as possible. My job choice due to pre-existing issues forced that decision upon me. I can live with that.

My stroke, on the other hand, has caused major issues. Thanks to the generosity of many I was able to battle through those issues (primarily rent) and seven months out, I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. My tax refund has helped immensely and if things continue, I will be able to put a wee bit away for a rainy day.

I don't know if I am out of the woods, at minimum wage one never is, but my bills are paid. Right now my focus is off the financial and back on to where it should be - my physical recovery.

I am back to working my "normal" 6 days/week, though reduced hours and responsibility, but still struggle. I have some decisions to make in that regard but from what many have told me, "it's still early". Thursday's eye appt (and possible follow-up) will go a long way in deciding the future; as will my neuro appt in March. [My surgeries have finally  been scheduled - 4/27 and 5/11]

That, in a nut shell, is where I am at!! BTW, post-stroke depression suks donkey dick,,, but that too is lifting!
I am well aware that numerous laws and legislation have come forth concerning the Syrian refugee debacle. The constitutionality of which is questionable at best. Florida's 1095 is just another example.

FL Bill Would Give Rick Scott The Right To Use Military Force On ‘Invaders’
Florida Republicans voted to pass HB 1095, the “Prevention of Acts of War,” through a committee on Wednesday and the bill is so outrageous it looks like Donald Trump wrote it. It would allow Governor Rick Scott to use military action on all immigrants or refugees who attempt to seek safe haven in the state:
[People who] are organized or affiliated with armies presently holding and administering territories outside the United States and insurgencies engaged in capturing such territories… the State Constitution and Florida law fully empower the Governor, as commander-in-chief of all military forces in Florida not in active service of the United States Armed Forces, including the general militia, to defend the state against the entry and actions of such persons.
The bill even goes as far as to call refugees “invaders”:
“Restricted person” means a foreign refugee or immigrant for whom there is reasonable cause to believe that he or she originates from, or has been in close proximity to, any location in which invaders or prospective invaders are known to originate or organize or train for violent acts of war.
The bill also states that any person or group helping the “invaders” must turn their infomation [sic] over to the state government so that authorities can monitor them. It also gives Rick Scott the right to sue the federal government if they try to place the refugees in the state. This part is especially interesting because states do not have the right to pass this law and FLORIDA KNOWS IT.
H/T:: Danielle Muscato for this article, well said.

Hillary Clinton Gets $13 Million From Health Industry, Now Says Single-Payer Will “Never, Ever Come To Pass­”

The crux of the matter for me is this point,,,
Only Bernie Sanders supports single-payer, universal health care (and has for a LONG TIME). Hillary used to support it—she even wrote a letter to Bernie Sanders in 1993 praising his efforts fighting for it—but she changed her mind after receiving $13,200,000 in donations from health insurance companies and related organizations. Further, a December '15 scientific poll found that 58 percent of Americans support expanding Medicare to cover everyone. So why aren't we already doing this?
Not the money mind you, it's politics what do you expect, but the fact that Clinton has change her mind. I remember the 1993 battle, the ACA as we have it today is a direct result,,,but, she changed her mind.

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