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February 16-18, 2016::End of the day round-up (pg 2)

Mother seeks information in 2014 murder case | WAVY-TV My nephew,,,almost 2 yrs,,,and still nothing :(

I have watched with interest the GOT/P reaction and rhetoric to the unexpected death of Justice Antonin Scalia. At first glance, one may think that Paul has a valid point,

Rand Paul: It’s A ‘Conflict Of Interest’ For Obama To Nominate A Supreme Court Justice
“The president has said he has the power basically to create immigration law out of nothing,” Paul said. “He says he has the power to basically cripple entire industries like coal without ever having been given that power by Congress. So see, we have a Constitutional debate on whose powers is it, the president or Congress? And I think the president sort of has a conflict of interest here in appointing somebody while we’re trying to decide whether or not he’s usurped power.”
But, as noted by Steve Benen…/important-debate-ridiculous-start…, Senate has a conflict of interest as well.
Let that sink in for a moment. There’s a vacancy on the Supreme Court; the Constitution empowers the president to nominate a prospective justice; it’s the Senate’s job to consider that nominee. In Rand Paul’s mind, however, President Obama “sort of has a conflict of interest” because the court is sometimes asked to adjudicate the limits of the executive branch’s powers.
If only the Constitution’s framers had been as wise as Rand Paul, they might have thought of this.

Of course, the flaw in the senator’s argument – well, one of them, anyway – is that the Supreme Court also considers the constitutionality of laws passed by Congress. Indeed, it’s one of the institution’s principal functions. By Rand Paul’s reasoning, the confirmation responsibilities shouldn’t rest in senators’ hands at all, since they too “sort of have a conflict of interest.”
If it wasn't such a serious issue, it would be laughable.

I wasn't going to, but I had too,,,,this IS the best one yet. PSH gets Jones and Trump as well!

Christian Conservatives Claim Obama Killed Scalia In Pagan Sacrifice
Wiles explained that the “Luciferian” “devil-worshipers” who control the government are out for blood, noting that Lupercalia is observed between February 13 and 15. Scalia’s body was discovered on the 13th. “There’s always human sacrifice involved,” he said, claiming that Scalia was “killed” to mark the beginning of pagan fascism ruling over the U.S.

“The 13th was the 44th day of 2016, Obama is the 44th president of the United States,” Wiles said, “so you have this numerology thing taking place.”

Wiles said that the assassins who killed the conservative justice “deliberately left the pillow on his face as a message to everybody else: ‘Don’t mess with us, we can murder a justice and get away with it.’ And I assure you, there’s a lot of frightened officials in Washington today, deep down they know, the regime murdered a justice…. This is the way a dictatorial, fascist, police state regime takes control of a nation.”

“The day the justice died, the day justice in America died,” he continued, “they got away with it.”

Wiles, declaring that he has “a pretty good sniffer for finding crimes” based on gut feelings, said that the “murder” of Scalia proves that “we’re being sucked into a police state where anybody who opposes this regime will be at risk of extermination.”

He also speculated that Scalia’s purported assassins put chloroform on the pillow and burned all of the evidence in his hotel room.

“Like the Soviet Union in Stalin’s day, it’s like any police state and now we’re in it,” Wiles said. He then speculated that he might be the next victim of Stalinist pagan assassination: “It was a message to everybody out there: ‘Don’t mess with us.’ That’s the message. And it’s a message to people like me.”
Wiles is an idiot. Whether or not he is sincere in his crackpot conspiracy theory is up for debate.
Just plain disturbing and Vyckie seems to hit a nerve by the many responses and follow-up reports. This coming after Al Jazeera America's report…/does-america-need-saving-fro… that has left a sour taste as well. There no way to introduce this but to say that a farmer doesn't always give things away, you got to pay for your apples. The lesson, fathers have lots of daughters so you can sell them.

Christian conservatives push child marriage with creepy meme comparing girls to apples
The onerous quote above, which likens daughters to apples and their fathers to farmers, is an apt representation of the creepy objectification of young girls and women by their own fathers which pervades the Christian purity movement. The message is clear: the value of a young woman is in her virginity — a consumable commodity owned by her future husband, kept in trust by Daddy.
Kunsman adds, “A good father loves and cares for his daughters and sees these apples of his eye as beloved people, not objects. This meme reduces girls (who are assumed to be daughters if not all women) to products for consumption and men the devourers. But even the suitors who desire them (because of nature, not the farmer’s nurture) are subject to bounded choice. It appears that young men procure apples to devour, but they are also subjects of the farmer. It’s amazing to me just how many dynamics of thought reform and spiritual abuse this homegrown meme illustrates in just a short narrative.”
More on the Creepy Apple Analogy

Regretfully Cenk kinda of gets it wrong and kind of gets it right,,, The Young Turks::Christian Website: No "Quivers" Until Marriage 
Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks offers his disgust at the several of the blatantly obvious elements of the offensiveness of the meme that appeared on the Let Them Marry website, and in the process of expressing his disdain for the ideas conveyed, he misinterprets the origin of the name of what has become a whole belief system and lifestyle. Suzanne Titkemeyer offers a nice summary of his misinterpretations in the comments following an article at No Longer Quivering:
Uygur’s disgust at the meme highlights can be a wake up call to some who are still QF minded. I always hope that such expressions will help followers recognize how others outside of their bubble view these examples which they have learned to take for granted over time. If you know QF followers who find the podcast offensive, this is actually a good opportunity to get them talking and thinking for themselves. Uygur can be a mirror for them and can mark how striking the contrast in their lifestyles has or can become. You can also be a mirror for them.
Conservative Christians Think Girls Are A Crop, Should Be Married Off As Children (IMAGE)

Bad Apples or Bad Barrels? A Final Look at the Apple Meme with Philip Zimbardo 

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