Wednesday, March 30, 2016

UPDATED::Lifus Interuptus

UPDATE 3/30/16::

I am slowly returning to POST SROKE, the first time, normal!!  And yes it was not one, but 2 strokes (mini-strokes - if there is such a thing,,,lol) as confirmed by my neuro.  My typing still sucks and using a mouse is difficult but I will managed.

Regretfully my speech is not bouncing back as quickly as I would like, so I will sound slurred for a while longer.  No, I am not drunk!  Hell one wine cooler and I'm ready for bed.

On a very positive note,  I'm closer to having my cataract surgery.  Right eye is scheduled for April 27; left eye is scheduled for May 11.  Although I will still have to wear glasses (it was never my goal to be glasses free), I will be glad to have some semblance of "normal" vision again.
As for blogging and posting articles, it is very slow going as I just finished February.  So bear with as I try and play catch up - if that is even possible.
Regretfully life decided to interrupt as I spent 4 days in hospital after another episode of stroke like symptoms.  Hopefully Thursday I will get some answers as I finally see neuro pertaining to the first incident back in July.  On a positive note, although my speaking has been affected a bit more, everything else has remained the same for the most part.  Just a bit slower..

Now back to our scheduled BS whatever that may be!!


Regretfully I won't be posting for the time being.  Typing has become a major difficulty even with spellcheck.  The stroke (definite dx now) has caused issues with mobility of hand/arm that is difficult to overcome ATM.

Articles of interest will be posted via twitter if you are interested!!

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