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UPDATED::Another loon from down under has gravitated upward

UPDATE::  Commentor OWL has provided some interesting fodder in this ongoing debacle concerning Monica's Entity, aka Monika Milka.  The battle against woomeisters such as Milka must be waged.

While OWL has done a couple videos, this one caught my eye

The screed she did a screenshot of, is under the name of Claudia Cummings (it is a "global post" which is public, the profile has been active since at least 2012) in which she claims to be Monika Milka:
,,,They just invade my Health Page & gang up on me with mocking questions & insults. They insult me, & homeopathy,,,

,,,Consuming themselves wanting to be ME. What is with that anyways.
But yet in a post dated August 2015, she (Claudia) claims that Monika is a dear friend:
,,,obsessed with my dear friend Monika Milka.
A few months earlier Claudia claims Monika's Entity as her own:

 So which is it?  Gotta learn to keep your lies straight Monika
UPDATE::  Although dated August of 2015, I had been looking for an update concerning Milka's lawsuits stemming from the biomesotherapy procedures performed in 2008:
Byrne would know. Fourteen of his clients sued South Australian homeopath Monika Milka three years ago for allegedly infecting them with bacteria and permanently scarring them after she treated them with "biomesotherapy". This involved injecting saline solution and other substances under their skin. One client opted for the treatment to remedy arthritic pain. Others did so to boost a "general feeling of wellness". What they got instead were shame and isolation.
"You know, they were embarrassed," says Byrne. "A lot of them had to cover [their scarred skin]." Some clients needed antibiotics for years to eradicate the infection and were afraid to touch their children in case they infected them.
Milka denied the claims in court through her lawyer. She later settled with all 14 out of court but continues to work as a homeopath. In October, she published a claim on her Facebook page that her "Wellness Tonic" rid her late mother of cancer after chemotherapy failed to do so. This, says Byrne, is a "flagrant breach" of both the South Australian Code of Conduct for Unregistered Health Practitioners and laws regarding misleading and deceptive business conduct. (Authorities are now reviewing her Facebook page.)
FYI:: Milka has taken her public page down numerous times to purge all negative comments and scientific challenges from those of us calling out her brand of batshittery.  She has a history of doing such.  All screenshots are at time of conversation unless otherwise noted (after purge).  I lasted one comment as she made the mistake of quoting George Carlin of all people; that man is my hero.

I originally wasn't going to be highlighting Milka as this is a long and continuous saga. I thought it may be too wieldy but some are not aware what this douche bag is currently doing as she has been in the limelight before.  But,,, another loon from down under has gravitated upward.
Listing of AU news and blog postings concerning Milka (If there are more please add to comments):
  • (2009)
  • (2011)
  • (2012)
  • (2012)
  • (2012)
  • (2015)
  • (2106)
This is the public Facebook profile of concern.  It belongs to one Monika Milka who claims, "Massage. Iridology. Lazer Acupuncture. Homeopathy. Nutritional Supplements. Western Herbal Medicines. Making Wellness a part of your lifestyle. Fine Tuning the Biochemistry."

In her own words (this is a April 2016 re-post of a 2011 note she made listing her products and services):

The recent statement that caught my attention as well as some others:

I especially like that she included a quote from Sherri Tenpenny, a woman who missed the entire 3rd grade due to measles.  She was unvaccinated.

During the course of discussion she made the following statement, explaining how one homeopathically vaccinates.  It is this anti-science drek that I and many others are against.  Beyond the fact that you or your child is left unprotected from vaccine preventable disease, you will be spending an inordinate amount of money for tap water.

From the 2012 debacle, Losing In The Lucky Country:
Monika Milka claims to be a homeopath, homeotoxicologist, iridologist, mesotherapist, biomesotherapist, deep tissue masseur and a deft hand with a quartz crystal diamond laser. Her “Tonics” – 150 ml bottles of ethanol and water sell for $150, and prompted the Today Tonight sting. In a hidden camera first, Milka claims her tonics are responsible for Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine physique.

I'm not going to discuss what all those fancy wancy terms mean. Trust me when I say they mean nothing. The "quartz crystal diamond laser", to put mildly, is hokem; colored light therapy.  It is not, as I thought similar to a laser used for RK - thank the FSM for small favors as those of you know I recently had cataract surgery so messing with the eyes is an issue for me.  It is "metaphysical" hogwash!!

Biomesotherapy, is a cosmetic procedure which involves multiple injections of "medications" into the subcutaneous fat. There is no evidence of its efficacy. Homeopathy, as we all know is just water.   And her numerous claims of loving her tonics, one's she prescribes no less, are empty as they do nothing.

Homeopathic remedies rely on the false scientific notion that water somehow has a “memory,” and the more you dilute a medicine, the stronger that memory gets and the more potent the medicine becomes. But in cutting the active ingredient in a particular medicine, all you do is remove the important stuff. Homeopathic medicine does that until the medicine disappears, and it does it on purpose.

So Monika has a unique history fraught with trouble .  This from the Health and Community Services Complaints Commissioner dated February 26, 2016:

While it is up to the HCSCC to determine if Milka is currently abiding by the laws of Australia, Milka has a history of violations.  As Losing In The Lucky Country notes, Milka's troubles began in 2005.
Let’s review how a not too bright con artist manages to be breaching conditions under the Public and Environmental Health Act 1987 simply by selling water. Well back around 2005 Monika hit on a money making boon. She decided she would claim to cure cancer by “killing the worms” that Monika invented as responsible for any manner of horrors. She’d do this by mesotherapy – injecting saline solution and “other substances” into very sick people for $500 per week.

Not long after this in June 2008, S.A. Health issued a Mesotherapy Alert. It included reports on six people who had attended Monika’s Entity suffering “multiple symmetrical skin abscesses on their calves, buttocks, thighs, abdomen, shoulders, face and neck”. Today it appears up to 14 people were seriously effected by this madness.

One had developed a notoriously difficult to treat mycobacterial abscess. Translation? Monika was almost certainly injecting her customers with tap water, the most common source of mycobacterium. Either that or sewerage contaminants.
According to reports, in 2009, Milka was part of an investigation into Bogus, Unregistered and Deregistered Health Practitioners.

In 2011 she faced lawsuits from nine victims of the biomesotherapy procedure performed in 2008.  All this is public record and reported on by SA media but yet like then she just can't shut up about how it is all "bigpharma":

The following day she went on a winge about how those of us dropping some science where paid pharma trolls and making reference to a 2011 published note.

Monika, doesn't take criticism well.  She doesn't like when people poke fun at her beliefs. Which is exactly what SciBabe did back in October of 2104.

For those that may remember in August the following year Deadstate picked up SciBabe's story and it went viral.

That is when shit hit the fan with Monika and she entered my radar,

[This post has since been deleted, thanks to for the screenshot]

I am a proud follower of the SciBabe (among others) and find Monika's ad hom disgusting.

Milka's story devolves from there as she is still peddling her woo and not protecting anyone in the process. In fact she is pleading for money "to research homeopathy."  Instead of donating to "cancer research" on should donate to homeopathy.

While the damage she may have caused and still may cause seems to be confined to the SA area.  Her reach is global thanks to the wonders of the internet, specifically Facebook.  Milka is not supposed to be practicing any type of treatment or offering any type of cure. 

Thankfully, her number of followers is low but it is still 1200+ people whose live are in danger from her crank.  Why the Aussie gov't did not follow through with the charges remains unseen and in all honesty beyond my scope.  What is imperative is to realize that what she does post is garbage lacking in basic scientific understanding.

Milka's story is much deeper than what I present here as a brief timeline of her shenanigans - you have been warned!!


  1. BRAVO! We have been trying to get her taken down as well and have a fun little video series going would love to share it just go to Monika's Ghost on You tube and you can watch the vids we are creating.. The woman is dangerous.

  2. Why don't you do something constructive. All your posts are set up to try to discredit others. Can you not try to do good? Can you not act rather than criticise. The world needs less of YOU

  3. Gee I thought what I was doing was very constructive. MM is a known homeopathic fraud who has injured people with her garbage. And yes many of my postings are counter arguments to what people pose as helpful information when it is not.

    Homeopathy is based on fraud and the advice given especially concerning vaccination is dangerous at best, deadly at worst. If you have information showing otherwise or what I state is in error, I invite you to submit a guest post with verifiable, scientifically acceptable information. If it is beyond the scope of my knowledge I reserve the right to have one of my experts offer a rebuttal. I would also ask for your CV as well or clarification that you are a lay person like myself.