Wednesday, September 27, 2017

UPDATED::Ex-Amish Family Traded Underage Daughter for Cash - The Daily Beast

UPDATE:: False prophet will die in jail for raping kids
A cult-like figure whose spiritual and financial hold over a formerly Amish couple enabled him to have sexual relationships with six of their daughters was sentenced to up to 87 years in prison Wednesday.

The sentencing of Lee Donald Kaplan on multiple counts of child rape, statutory sexual assault and other charges that authorities said were committed during at least six years marks the end of a set of criminal cases that have landed the victims in protective custody and their parents in prison.

Those were the words of Bucks County Judge Jeffrey L. Finley, who on Wednesday sentenced both Stoltzfuses to up to seven years in prison on child-endangerment counts after Savilla pleaded guilty and Daniel pleaded no contest, according to The Associated Press. He said he would have sentenced them to more time if that were legally possible.

The 52-year-old Kaplan will be sentenced in August, following his June 6 conviction on 17 counts of child sexual abuse and rape.

Finley didn't hold back, calling the crime "just incomprehensible" and telling the couple, "You exchanged a certain level of comfort for the intellectual, emotional and sexual well-being of your children. You watched day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year as Mr. Kaplan took your daughters by the hand, led them into his bedroom, locked the door behind."
UPDATE:: In Bucks County, monsters are real: John L. Micek 
In chilling testimony, several children of a former Amish couple, one of them just nine years old, recounted the serial sexual abuse they suffered at the hands of Lee Kaplan who, gut-wrenchingly, they considered their husband.
The nine-year-old, a daughter of Savilla and Daniel Stoltzfus, was, disgustingly and mind-bogglingly, "gifted" to Kaplan by her parents as a future wife, prosecutor Kate Kohler said.

But as PennLive's Christian Alexandersen reported, Kaplan allegedly began having sexual relations with the couple's other children as well.

What parent "gifts" their child to someone else? What soulless calculus leads to that conclusion?

Well, money, of course. And a misguided belief that the "giftee" has a hotline to Heaven.

But even still, what parent doesn't step in to prevent what happened next?

A Pennsylvania couple financially ruined after leaving the Amish church was arrested on Thursday for conspiracy to commit sexual assault and endangering the welfare of a child after admitting to “gifting” their underage daughter to a business associate who went on to father two of her young children.
Daniel and Savilla Stoltzfus were arraigned in criminal court in Bucks County, along with 52-year-old Lee Kaplan—who admitted to accepting the girl as payment for his financial help in 2012, when she was 14 years old.

Police discovered the girl—who’s now 18—and her two daughters along with nine other female children living in Kaplan’s home in the quiet bedroom community of Feasterville after a concerned neighbor alerted police.

According to police none of the other children in the home have been identified and no birth certificates were found in Kaplan’s residence.

Ex-Amish Family Traded Underage Daughter for Cash - The Daily Beast

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