Monday, February 27, 2017

When a wingnut cries foul (pt 3)

So things are going to get a bit weird as TW's thinking seems a bit sloppy and very hard to follow. She delves into some crazy talk, again mentioning some "plot" of leftist leadership taking over. In my mind NWO with some fucked-up anti-Muslim shit thrown into the mix.

Now I want to be perfectly clear!! My dislike or hatred for Islam is based in their ideology, a belief or idea. I am not judging the individual. I may ridicule what a person believes but I will and have defended their right to believe such. Bring that belief into the public sphere and try and legislate based on religious belief or force me to believe as you, I will push back (SOCAS).

TW is judging individuals (Muslims) based solely on their belief (Islam). If Muslim, then terrorist. Doesn't seem to matter much if it is an American convert. See the difference?

And I might as well say this now, an individual has every right to express their beliefs or thoughts. I have every right to criticize and counter. I, as a private citizen, also have a right not to give an individual a platform in which to speak. I, as a private citizen, also have the right of lawfully protesting your expression of speech and the platform it is presented in. (We may come back this point at a later time but that should be enough.)

I'm going to focus on few things here,,,

First, "we have terror cells all over the USA since 1987. I know personally."  Since TW has been living in "Asia" for the past 8 years not sure how she would know anything "personally" going on here in the states except via the media and other sources. 

Second, below is a screenshot of the first 5 search entries for "terror cells in the US".  I dig a bit of digging to find a semblance of a credible source speaking to the number of terror cells.  According to this source, in 2015 we had "[a] new online message, presumably from ISIS claims that the group has 71 soldiers in America, and 23 of them have agreed to carry out terrorist attacks here." To further throw a kink into the thought process, are we talking homegrown, radicalized terrorists or ME born?
So, TW's claim of multiple cells - yet ISIS claims 71 individuals - seems a bit of a stretch when one considers the "map" below. (I have strong reason to believe that this maybe TW's source.)  That would be approximately 3 individuals per cell yet some of these camps contain 3 differing Islamic factions.  Keep in mind this was not a heavy duty search but less than 15 minutes as I was not going to waste too much time looking for something that may or may not be readily available.

Depending on my knowledge base and topic, I stick to the first 5-7 results cross-referencing between 3-5 search engines.  As you see getting strong, reliable information would be difficult without further searching for the actual source documentation to see how much distortion and hyperbole has been interjected into the narrative.  Generally, MSM sources are well cited or at least one is given enough information a search would be fairly simple; alternative news sites not so much.  The vagueness will kill you.

Below is a graphic used at one such site, notice how they cite source.  Also if one were to peruse the article itself, none of the cites noted are to non echo-chamber source or primary material.  So verifying said information would be difficult. Not impossible, but like dispelling the lies of AVers it is the 10:1 issue all over again.  The time spent is what dissuades many in challenging such claims.  That is a huge issue and why the like of Trump is now our President.   (MSM is a big culprit in this phenomenon and gave Trump a free pass because they didn't think he would win.  They underestimated the adversary.)

Short of that, I could find nothing mentioning the "number" of cells in the US in MSM sources.  Does this mean they do not exist?  NO!  Does this mean "we the people" are being lied to?  NO!  But to accept unverified reports as the gospel truth is insane and creates unthinking paranoia and hate.  Based on further comments throughout the conversation that is the crux of TW's argument.

Third, when pushed on her claim she "knows personally", TW interjects some cock-and-bull story of old, privileged information.  Deb called TW on her bullshit narrative, and TW balked.

And finally, back to this nefarious "plot".  As I noted in my response, George Soros would have to be one rich SOB to fund all the items the nutters claim, which is possible considering his wealth.  But I want to be perfectly clear, my contention is not that GS is a squeaky clean individual without an agenda of some sorts.  My contention is that the nuts are putting too much power in the hands of one man.  They seem to ignore the likes of Tom Steyer, Don Sussman, Haim Saban and Fred Eychaner.  All heavy hitters in the funding department of democratic or left leaning politics.

Just for shits and giggles, while I would not quite put TW on this level conspiracy, here is an example of how fucked up these people are concerning Soros.

This is a screen grab from, just to give an example of the vitriol towards Soros.
A second point TW makes concerning this plot, "Obama is also making a power play coordinated with Soros,,,"  I find this rather interesting considering Soros didn't like Obama's politics much, despite backing him in 2008 and 2012.  Also Obama has nowhere to go in regards to power; you can't go any higher than POTUS. TW is, as I noted, considering who sits in seat of power in the US, I be more concerned with Trump than Soros.

Just like CommieBlaster, TW is forcing the narrative to fit her paranoid agenda.  She is quick to dismiss MSM but readily accepts alternative news sites as truth.  As I will show later, that is a mistake.  She claims she "researches" but her research is in an echo chamber.

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